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What to do if the newborn’s eyes fester

Newborns often have eye problems, and various causes contribute to this.

Therefore, parents need to know what to do in such situations, and what to do to prevent the onset of the disease.w-pw.pw

Causes of eye suppuration

There are a number of reasons why a newborn’s eyes become inflamed and fester.

  • When a child comes to this world, his body is faced with a new environment, unknown to himself. And very often the adaptation does not go as smoothly as we would like, so there may be problems with the mucous.
  • Another such situation may arise on the background of allergy to the drug Albucid, who bury the newborn in the hospital.
  • It is known that in a tear there is a substance lysozyme, which has a powerful antibacterial effect and provides local immunity. In children in the first weeks of life, this enzyme has not yet been produced, and the possibility of the penetration of bacteria and the development of infections increases.
  • Another cause is conjunctivitis – an inflammation of the connective membrane of the eye, which may be viral, bacterial and allergic.
  • Quite often, newborns may develop dacryocystitis, a condition in which the lacrimal sac inflames, due to blockage or narrowing of the nasolacrimal canal. The main cause of this unpleasant condition is inflammation in the nasal region.

Treatment methods

Any treatment begins with determining the cause of the disease. And this can be done only by a qualified specialist. The task of parents is to be attentive and be able to analyze what is happening around the child. What does it mean?

  • You have found that your baby has problems, but his condition is stable. AT Such a situation needs to be analyzed if your baby has contact with new substances: a new powder that you used to wash his clothes, a new soft toy or hygiene product.
  • If you encounter this situation, most likely the cause of the inflammation is an allergic reaction., which originated in a child. Therefore, the main treatment method here is to remove the source of the allergy. Additionally, the doctor may prescribe a variety of anti-allergic drugs, so that the body quickly get rid of the allergen.

If the newborn’s eyes are inflamed or festering because of a viral or bacterial disease (dacryocystitis, conjunctivitis in children, etc.), the right decision would be to contact a specialist as soon as possible, who will prescribe than wash and treat the eyes. As a rule, in such cases, prescribe:

  • Antibiotic antibacterial drugs;
  • Ointment against herpes (in case of herpes conjunctivitis);
  • Drugs that strengthen the immune system (fortifying therapy of the body);
  • Medicines that relieve inflammation and restore the mucous.

In the case of dacryocystitis in newborns, doctors prescribe a massage of the lacrimal canal, which is a careful impact on him, which helps to restore patency and pushing out of it traffic jams.

Useful tips for parents

  • While still in the hospital, young moms are shown how to properly monitor the hygiene of a newborn. These procedures include washing the peephole, and this is really important. Therefore, do not neglect them, especially in the first life of a baby, when there is an active adaptation of his body to the environment. Rinse them 2 times a day with a clean swab dipped in water. The eye is wiped from the outside corner to the inside corner, and each eye is wiped with a new swab.
  • It is also important to ensure that the child is not in contact with the sources of allergens, especially if he is prone to allergies. Do regular wet cleaning to reduce the amount of dust in the room. If there are animals in the house and the child has started such a problem, they must be removed.

What to do if the newborn’s eyes fester – a video from Dr. Komarovsky

We offer you a video in which Dr. Komarovsky talks about what to do if a newborn infant has watery or festering eyes, what and in which cases such an ailment can be treated at home, and when it is necessary to immediately contact a specialist.

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