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The most useful fruits and vegetables for pregnant women

Vitamins for pregnant women in familiar products

Cabbage: white, cauliflower, broccoli

Proper nutrition of a pregnant girl suggests the presence of vitamins C, E, group B, potassium and phosphorus. And cabbage just – the champion in their content.

Cabbage can be used in any form fresh, stewed, boiled. Doctors also advise future mothers to have sauerkraut – it relieves constipation and flatulence during pregnancy, contains a lot of iron and folic acid.

Greens: spinach, parsley, cress, celery

Fresh greens are an excellent solution to replenish the diet of the future mother! This is a product that does not know the limitations. It is recommended to eat in large quantities even at the beginning of lactation, when some vegetables cannot be consumed fresh.

Green leaves are a source of folic acid (vitamin B9), which contributes to the proper formation of the central nervous system of the fetus, protects against abnormalities and developmental pathologies. Do not expose the greens to temperature effects, but consume fresh.

This will save more vitamins for pregnant women.

Can pregnant carrots?

In drawing up the summer menu for future mothers can not do without it. In carrots there is a lot of vitamin C, E, vitamins of group B. And, most importantly, beta-carotene, which turns into vitamin A. But be careful: its overdose can cause developmental defects of the placenta and fetus.

Therefore, if you take a complex multivitamin for pregnant women, you do not need to be zealous with carrots.

Apples during pregnancy

Fresh, only plucked garden apples are more beneficial than waxed, glossy fruits. They contain malic and citric acid, trace elements. Late varieties of apples, especially Antonovka, are rich in iron.

Therefore, help in the prevention of anemia in pregnant women.

Remember: dairy products interfere with the absorption of iron.

Can pregnant black currants

Such a vitamin berry is still worth looking for! It contains vitamins A, B, C, D, K, P, PP, as well as a huge number of trace elements! Urgently include currants in the list of products for pregnant women.

It is useful for signs of preeclampsia, because it helps eliminate swelling and reduce pressure. Will support during cold, will raise immunity.

But expectant mothers with her should be more careful with constipation, increased blood clotting, problems with the stomach.

Whether pregnant women can watermelon and melon

In July and August, watermelons and melons appear on the shelves, how can you resist! Moreover, nutrition for pregnant women should include vitamins C and B, folic acid, iron and carotene. All this is in juicy fruits.

But: if you eat them right after a hearty lunch, they get stuck in the stomach and start to wander there. The time of the big berries before the main meal.

Two thirds of expectant mothers lack three or more vitamins.

Raspberry during pregnancy

Raspberries are rich in vitamin C and calcium, and help to cope with toxemia and the common cold. But there is a perception that raspberry during pregnancy can cause a miscarriage.

In fact, it is more related to its leaves. Raspberry leaves during pregnancy are often brewed and drunk to prepare for childbirth and speed up a meeting with the baby.

In reasonable quantities, the berry will not harm if it does not cause allergies.

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