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The best vegetable salad for children

Often, mothers have a question: what dish should you cook for your baby so that it is healthy, tasty and natural? And today we will talk about a tasty and light vegetable salad, its benefits for a growing body, and also introduce you to the recipe for cooking salad from boiled vegetables.

The uniqueness of this salad is that you can easily cook it both in summer and in winter, and this dish is suitable not only for the child, but for the whole family.

The benefits of vegetable salad for a child

The usefulness of vegetable salad determine the vegetables that it includes. Therefore, we consider the beneficial properties of potatoes, carrots and tomatoes.

Potato use

  • In this amazing vegetable is a lot of vitamin C, vitamins of group B, including folic acid, vitamins K and E.
  • Also in the potato there are trace elements such as sodium, calcium, phosphorus, zinc, iron and iodine, thanks to which it is useful for the digestive system. Eating potatoes stimulates the stomach and intestines, and also cleanses the body of toxic substances.
  • Potatoes are a great source of potassium, which is necessary for the proper development of the heart, blood vessels and kidney function.
  • Potato is also a leader in selenium content, which is necessary for the proper functioning of the thyroid and immune systems.

Carrot use

  • Carrots contain a huge amount of beta-carotene (the precursor of vitamin A), which is necessary for good vision. It is an antioxidant, removes carcinogenic substances from the body and heals the body.
  • Carrots normalize the body’s metabolism due to the content of pantothenic acid.
  • Carrots stimulate appetite so if your baby is hard to feed, give him a carrot.
  • And in carrots a high content of iron, which is necessary for the normalization of the blood.

The benefits of tomato

  • The composition of the tomato is lycopene – it is a natural antioxidant that prevents the development of cancer cells in the body, and also has a positive effect on the work of blood vessels and the heart.
  • The tomato contains a large number of pectins, which improve the bowels.
  • Tomatoes are made up of water by 2/3, so eating this vegetable normalizes the work of the kidneys and the bladder.
  • Tomatoes contain a lot of calcium, fluorine, magnesium, zinc and iron, necessary for the normal development of the bone, cardiac, circulatory, immune and nervous systems.
  • It also contains volatile production – substances that have antibacterial properties, and organic acids, which are necessary for the proper development of the child’s body.

Recommendations and advice on the preparation and introduction to the diet

By the 3rd years, almost all children can eat these vegetables, which means that if these foods are present in your baby’s diet, you can safely cook this salad.
To cook such a salad, you will need boiled vegetables, so it is important to know how to cook them properly. After all, it is important for us that the salad was not only tasty, but also useful.

  • Boil carrots need in a saucepan with a tightly closed lid, otherwise most of the beta-carotene, due to oxygen and temperature, will turn into an aqueous solution.
  • Potatoes need to be cooked on low heat, without closing the pan with a lid, about 20 minutes. in salted water. Then you need to drain the water, but not until the end, you need to leave a little at the bottom of the pan and dovarit on a small fire. Potatoes come to readiness with steam and do not boil soft.

The calorie content of this vegetable salad is quite high, it is very nutritious and is suitable as a separate dining dish.
Now that we have dealt with all the nuances, we can proceed to the preparation of the salad.

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