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The best carrot salad

A three-year-old child is the most capricious consumer. At his tender age, he already knows which products he loves and which he does not. In order for the baby to eat properly, it is necessary to show all his ingenuity, turn on the fantasy and take into account his preferences.

Parents constantly have to invent different recipes so that the dish is both tasty and healthy. Especially not easy with vegetables. But their child should eat from 3 servings per day. Today we will talk about carrots and offer some salad recipes with it.

The benefits of carrot salad for a child

Carrot is a year-round product available. which practically does not change its nutritional value during storage. And with a low content of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, carrots are replete with vitamins, macro-and micronutrients, dietary fiber. This composition has an anti-inflammatory effect, improves vision, strengthens the immune system, enhances intestinal motility.

Recommendations and advice on the preparation and introduction to the diet

Boiled carrots are introduced into the diet from 7 months in the form of mashed potatoes or as a part of vegetable mixtures. Grated raw root vegetable is allowed from 1 year. By the age of 3, the child will be happy to eat a variety of salads with carrots, if properly and tasty cooked. How to get the maximum benefit from raw or boiled carrots?

  • Vitamin A – fat soluble. This means that no matter how many carrots a child ate, without the presence of fat, it is not a single vitamin for vitamin. Therefore, dishes from raw or boiled carrots must be filled with vegetable oil, yogurt or sour cream.
  • By the way, in boiled vegetable carotene is 14% more than in cheese.
  • But raw carrots are solid foods, and if the child periodically chews a whole or chopped root vegetable, the risk of dysarthria (disturbed pronunciation) will significantly decrease.
  • Provitamin A is not destroyed during heat treatment, and to minimize the breakdown of other vitamins in carrots, cook the vegetable with the lid closed.

How to choose a quality product

The overgrown root has a hard woody core, the supply of useful substances and an increased content of nitrates are depleted. In light carrots, however, there is more starch, so it is better to use it in cooking vegetable cutlets or casseroles.

What to cook from carrots, so that the child happily tasted your creation? We offer some simple recipes.

Fresh Carrot Sweet Salad Recipe

  • Time for preparing: 4-5 minutes.
  • Servings: 2
  • Required kitchen equipment: salad bowl, bowl, grater, knife (or vegetable peeler).

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