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Scientists: fructose is dangerous during pregnancy

According to American researchers, excessive consumption of fructose during pregnancy can adversely affect the development of the fetus..

With constant excess consumption of fructose during pregnancy, the process of formation of the placenta is disturbed, defects appear that reduce its protective functions, and fetal growth is delayed. In addition, these factors prenatal development of the child, may entail metabolic health problems already in adulthood.

The findings, according to researchers, will help develop appropriate screening tests for pregnant women who are forced to use fructose, or cannot refuse it, for example, in diabetes. Although, by and large, having such information, any expectant mother should think about a safer and less risky alternative to sugar for the fetus.

The results of our experiments are extremely important, but more research and data analysis are needed to clarify how and in what quantity fructose has a negative effect on the placenta and fetus, says study leader and author Kelly H. Molly.

Such conclusions were made by scientists from Washington University in St. Louis after a series of studies that they conducted on mice. Animals were regularly fed fructose throughout the entire gestation period; as a result, the offspring turned out much smaller, and the placenta with impaired and larger than in the control group of mice fed the same food, but without fructose. The main reasons for this phenomenon, scientists attributed the increased levels of uric acid (hyperuricemia) and triglycerides after consumption of fructose. At the same time, all other indicators corresponded to the norm.

In order to understand how the data correlate with the human body, scientists have studied the data of two dozen pregnant women who had a caesarean section. No factors that would increase the level of placental uric acid and triglycerides, they have not been found, except in cases of fructose consumption.

A child born with low birth weight gradually compensates for its disadvantage, however, in most cases this is fraught with problems in more adulthood, including such children prone to obesity and allergic reactions, says Molly.

In addition, scientists have found that a drug that reduces the level of uric acid, which is usually used to treat gout (international name allopurinol), helps to avoid impairments and even restore the changes that have already begun. The drug can not be used without a doctor’s prescription, and especially in the first trimester of pregnancy.

Of course, the data obtained are not enough for a categorical statement about the harm of fructose, but scientists do not plan to stop and are going to study the history of women who have already given birth, comparing the sizes of babies born and the frequency of fructose consumption.

Nevertheless, even these results suggest that it may be worth reducing its consumption or finding a less risky alternative to sugar.

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