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Gymnastics for pregnant women at home: the benefits, types, exercise complexes

Some women carrying a child mistakenly believe that in their position any physical activity is contraindicated. In fact, if sports are moderate and carried out correctly, they support the figure and allow you to bring it back to normal after the birth of the baby, to the same indicators. And most importantly, they have a positive effect on the health of the mother and the intrauterine development of the fetus.

We just need to understand that regular gymnastics for pregnant women should be special: it is carried out according to certain rules, subject to a number of recommendations. Only in this case, it will be useful and does not harm.

Gymnastics for pregnant women at home: the benefits, types, exercise complexes

Why not all pregnant women do gymnastics recommended by doctors? Each has its own reasons: no time, fear of harming the baby, poor condition, health problems, etc. However, in most cases, refusal to work is very trivial – laziness.

The regular exercise should be approached more responsibly, if only because it will benefit all – both mother and child. As research and practice have shown, the positive impact of moderate sports activities is expressed in the following points:

  • rapid adaptation of the organism to a new state;
  • easy during pregnancy;
  • preparation for the upcoming delivery;
  • prevention of stretch marks and cellulite;
  • training breathing, which during labor will relieve pain;
  • acceleration of blood flow – supplying organs with enough oxygen: this is especially important for the placenta and small pelvis;
  • stretching the birth canal – prevention of tears;
  • improvement of metabolism;
  • reversal of the child in the womb for proper presentation;
  • burning calories;
  • fitball exercises develop coordination;
  • a positive attitude, a cheerful mood, the absence of bad thoughts is an excellent prevention of depression;
  • strengthening the muscles of the back, abdomen, pelvis – this will facilitate further childbirth and avoid complications;
  • reducing back pain;
  • increase immunity;
  • normalization of the digestive tract;
  • prevention of hemorrhoids and varicose veins.

The benefit of gymnastics for pregnant women cannot be denied: it has long been proven not only by medical research, but also by practice. The only thing necessary is to overcome the feeling of laziness or fear. And then regular classes will give the fastest and undoubted result. However, in some cases it is not possible because of various contraindications, which are better known in advance, so as not to harm either yourself or the baby.

Through the pages of history. Even ancient Egyptian artifacts depict people performing simple gymnastic exercises.


To gymnastics for pregnant women was the most useful and did not harm anyone, you must first check for contraindications and consult a doctor. If he does not find health problems that could prevent physical exertion in this position, it will be possible to start classes. If a number of pathologies are found, a woman may be advised to wait a little with the workouts.

Contraindications include:

  • the threat of spontaneous abortion;
  • toxicosis;
  • preeclampsia;
  • blood pressure problems;
  • bleeding;
  • exacerbation of any chronic diseases;
  • anemia;
  • pain of any nature in the lower abdomen;
  • inflammatory process in the body, fever, feeling unwell, general weakness;
  • pathology of the placenta: low location, detachment;
  • hypertonicity of the uterus;
  • multiple pregnancy;
  • premature labor and miscarriages in the past.

If the course of pregnancy is complicated by similar problems, gymnastics will have to be abandoned – at least for that period, until the state is normalized (if possible).

The golden mean is very important here: there is no need to be lazy, but special fanaticism is of no use here. If the doctor warns against physical exertion, then it is imperative to listen to his advice. And those pregnant women who are given permission to go in for sports should adhere to special recommendations for the entire 9 months.

Origin of name. The term gymnastics goes back to the Greek word gymnos, which means nude, undressed. This is explained by the fact that athletes in ancient Greece performed exercises naked to demonstrate to others their irresistible, beautiful body.


Gymnastics for pregnant women at home: the benefits, types, exercise complexes

It doesn’t matter where a pregnant woman does gymnastics — independently at home or under the strict guidance of a trainer at the School for Young Mothers — in any case, she should follow a number of useful recommendations. Fulfillment of certain rules will allow to derive maximum benefit from employment.


The very first rule – you need to carefully monitor your condition when doing gymnastics. Stop classes if you experience unpleasant feelings and any abnormalities, which include:

  • lower abdominal pain;
  • dizziness;
  • strange discharge;
  • asterisks or darkness before eyes;
  • heartache;
  • labored breathing;
  • high pressure: more than 140/100;
  • increased heart rate: more than 120 per minute;
  • Excessive activity of the child after gymnastics and the reverse state – his prolonged decline.

Exercises should give pregnant women a positive attitude and pleasant sensations. Therefore, any discomfort during the classes is an alarming signal that the body for some reason opposes the chosen physical activities and should consult with the doctors about this. Perhaps this happened because you picked the wrong sport.

Recheck your chosen set of exercises again: does gymnastics contain elements that are prohibited during pregnancy? These include:

  • gaming;
  • contact;
  • with weight lifting;
  • on the press;
  • horse racing;
  • exercise machines;
  • rolls;
  • jumps.

And do not forget that such sports as roller skating, horseback riding, ice skating, are contraindicated for pregnant women. If you still have a little gymnastics for pregnant women, it is better to work out in addition Pilates, yoga, light jogging, walking, swimming, cross-country skiing, badminton, tennis. But – within reasonable limits. In addition, when performing exercises you need to follow a number of rules.

  1. Take a consultation with a doctor, what kind of gymnastics can and even is desirable to perform with your state of health at this time.
  2. It is better to enroll in the School of future mothers at the hospital, where group classes are conducted under the supervision of specialists. Of course, a personal trainer can be taken in the pool, sports complex, fitness center. But such a gymnastics will be expensive.
  3. For self-study at home, watch the training videos to learn how to properly perform certain exercises.
  4. The room in which you are engaged should be well ventilated. Temperature range – approximately + 20 ° С.
  5. The stomach must be empty: the exercises are performed 1-2 hours before and after meals.
  6. Gymnastics needs to be done daily, better at the same time.
  7. Depending on your physical condition, determine the duration of classes: from 10 minutes to 1 hour. If you spend less time – the result will not be. More – is fraught for health.
  8. How many times to repeat the same exercises, is decided by the most pregnant woman depending on her condition and physical fitness.
  9. Clothing should be loose, not constraining the movement of natural materials.
  10. The exercise should be smooth, calm, without sudden movements and jerks.
  11. Breathing is uniform.
  12. Gymnastics need to finish complete relaxation. Desirable – exercise from the respiratory complex.

Especially attentive need to be when doing gymnastics at home, because in special classes at hospitals there is always a doctor who can track the condition of the pregnant woman and help. So be extremely careful. Consider the fact that different complexes are designed to solve different problems.

Curious fact. Some experts (coaches, athletes, doctors) believe that the main task of gymnastics is not physical improvement of the body, but the formation of a positive attitude towards life.


The best option is if a gymnastics for pregnant women is selected by a trainer with a medical education who conducts such classes at a hospital. It is possible to independently find a complex, but in this case it is still better to consult with a specialist: will it work for you and will it harm the baby? There is a lot of species.


Positional gymnastics for pregnant women are very popular – a set of exercises performed in a specific position.

The goal – strengthening and training the muscles of the pelvis and hips. Just sit down, straighten your legs. Bending your knees, slowly pull up your legs. The feet do not touch each other. Hands to take hold of them, 10 times to wave his knees in different directions.

Gymnastics for pregnant women at home: the benefits, types, exercise complexes

The goal is to relieve tension in the spine, strengthen the back muscles, improve kidney function. Stand on all fours, rest on the floor with your knees and hands. The spine should be flat, parallel to the floor. Breathe in the air, bend a little, push the chest forward, lift the head slightly upwards. On the exhale, arch in the opposite direction: the spine must arc.

Gymnastics for pregnant women at home: the benefits, types, exercise complexes

The goal is to give the muscles of the perineum elasticity, legs – strength. To squat. Spread your knees as wide as possible. To join hands with palms, to dissolve elbows, to rest with their knees. Push your elbows on your knees, placing them wider and wider. When the legs spill heat – stop the exercise.

Gymnastics for pregnant women at home: the benefits, types, exercise complexes

The goal is to strengthen the muscles of the perineum and abs, to develop a sense of balance. Crouch on a soft mat. Straighten your legs, arrange them wider, raise your arms above your head. On the exhale, bend over to the left foot, on the inhale – go back. Do the same with your right foot.

The goal is to develop coordination, balance, strengthen the pelvic muscles and back muscles. Stand, legs – shoulder-width apart, so that the feet were parallel to each other. Lean to the left, touch the palm to the knee. Raise your right hand above your head, opening your palm to yourself. Look at the right palm, keeping your back level. Perform the exercise in the other direction.

Positional gymnastics is good because it offers simple exercises that can be done by all pregnant women, even in late periods.

Recently gymnastics for pregnant women on fitball has been very popular, but it is recommended to start it only from the 2nd trimester and in the absence of toxicosis.

  1. Crouch, lean back on fitball. Put your hands on him from behind. As you inhale, climb it with the help of your arms with your back arched. On the exhale – slide down. This exercise with the ball well strengthens the back.
  2. Sit on the ball, drown in it. Raise your arms, spread to the sides, pull back, minimizing the shoulder blades. Return to the original position.
  3. Sitting on the ball, roll it with your pelvis using circular movements. Such an exercise with a fitball will be especially helpful in 3 trimester. It improves the blood circulation of the pelvic floor.
  4. Sitting on the ball, straighten and raise the leg parallel to the floor. To fix it at the highest point, to perform a stop rotational movement. Change leg.
  5. Place the ball in front of you, put your hands on his sides. Squeeze it, hold for a few seconds, relieve pressure, repeat again.

After giving birth, gymnastics on a ball can be continued: it will strengthen the muscles of the pelvis and back, help the organs recover faster after suffering stress.

Regularly performing gymnastics in the pool, a pregnant woman will be relieved of tension in her back, strengthen her immune system, learn how to breathe properly and control her muscles: load some and relax others.

  1. Wide knees apart, swim forward, alternately pushing from the bottom of the pool with one foot or the other.
  2. To hold your hands on the rim, to perform a well-known exercise bike in the water: turn your legs smoothly, as if pushing imaginary pedals.
  3. Lie in the water on your back. Extend straight legs. Dissolve them to the maximum width. Return to the starting position.
  4. Lie on your back. Stretch your arms along your torso. Swim using only your back and legs.
  5. On a deep breath, sit on the bottom of the pool, arms wrapped around your legs. Hold out for as long as breathing, but no more than 20 seconds.

The water is relaxing, so gymnastics in the pool is so strongly recommended for all pregnant women who can swim. It relieves stress, relieves muscle tension, normalizes the nervous and cardiovascular systems.

If you don’t have a fitball, you don’t know how to swim, and there aren’t any particular problems in health or pregnancy, just the usual morning gymnastics, which lasts only 10-15 minutes, but gives energy for the whole day.

  1. Cross steps.
  2. The torso in different directions.
  3. Hands – on the belt. While inhaling, bend your back, while exhaling – straighten up.
  4. Circular rotation of the feet alternately.
  5. Walking on the socks.
  6. Sit down, cross your legs in front of you. Turns the head in different directions, rotating it in a circle.
  7. Raise your arms to the side. The rotation of the body.
  8. Connect the palms in front of the chest, press one on the other so as to feel the maximum tension in the muscles.
  9. Sit down so that the buttocks are on the heels, knees apart. Bend forward, forehead, touch the floor.
  10. Walking in place to restore breathing.

Daily morning gymnastics is the key to a good state of health of the pregnant during all 9 months.

Gymnastics for pregnant women at home: the benefits, types, exercise complexes

Very often, the doctor prescribes pregnant exercise therapy. This therapeutic gymnastics, which allows you to eliminate or alleviate a particular disease. These can be back pain or varicose veins. In the latter case, the exercises need to be performed from the moment they learned about pregnancy. This will avoid exacerbation of the disease before childbirth, when the legs will be unbearably difficult.

  1. Put pillows or rollers under your feet so that they rise at an angle of 20 °. Relax. Breathe smoothly and deeply.
  2. Bicycle. Lie on your back. Extend the legs top or parallel to the floor. Imagine that pedal. The loin and back should be pressed to the floor.
  3. Lie on your back with your legs extended. Take a deep breath – bend the right leg, pull the knee to the chest. On the exhale, straighten the leg straight up and lower it straight.
  4. Lie on your back, stretch your arms along your torso. Raise both legs vertically upwards. Twist both feet inside and out.
  5. Alternately bend and unbend the foot towards yourself – away from you.
  6. Sit on a chair. Press your legs together. Get up on the socks. Down on the heels. Rise again on the socks.

Medical gymnastics for pregnant women with varicose veins will remove the load from the legs. Phlebologists recommend performing it in elastic bandages 2 times a day.


Some pregnant women are gaining too many kilos for childbirth. Excess weight may complicate the course of childbirth, and diets in this position are contraindicated. In this case, doctors recommend a special gymnastics for weight loss, which will eliminate unnecessary deposits.

  1. Walking on the spot.
  2. Mahi hands in different directions.
  3. Legs shoulder-width apart, alternate lunges with hands with clenched fists, accompanied by a half turn of the body, as in boxing.
  4. Scissors: to reduce and plant hands crosswise.
  5. The back of the chair – as a support. Slow squats.
  6. Put the leg aside on a sock, make a shallow squat, arms raised up. Change legs.
  7. Feet wide shoulders. Hands on the belt. Turns the body in different directions.
  8. The slopes in different directions.
  9. Lie on your back on the mat. Bicycle. In the 3rd trimester, this exercise does not perform.
  10. Lying on your back, raise your legs at an angle of 90º to the floor, spread as much as possible to the sides.
  11. Supplement exercises with fitball.
  12. In parallel, you need to go to the swimming pool for a swim and take half-hour walks in the evenings.

The main thing – do not over-exert yourself, performing gymnastics for weight loss. Even these exercises pregnant should do smoothly and measured.

In 2 and 3 trimesters, the load on the legs increases, so drainage gymnastics are often recommended for pregnant women, which is excellent for edema.

  1. Lie on your back. Raise your legs with pillows or rollers. Foot bend and unbend simultaneously and alternately, with a maximum amplitude.
  2. Squatting, knees apart, put your palms on your lower legs. Keep your back straight. Roll top of the case from one foot to another.
  3. Standing on all fours, alternately raise the legs to the level of the buttocks.
  4. Take a knee-elbow position. Raise the leg bent at the knees, up, pull the heel to the ceiling. Change leg.
  5. Bicycle. The execution technique is described above.

With such a gymnastics, edemas in the last weeks of pregnancy will not be terrible for pregnant women, since the outflow of tissue fluid improves.


Along with exercise, all pregnant women are recommended to perform breathing exercises. It can be done with a selected set of exercises, and you can – separately. Duration is 10 minutes per day.

  1. Touch one hand to the abdomen, the second to put on his chest. Exhale from the lungs all the air. Then inhale so that the chest does not move, and only the belly rises. Control the process with your hands. This breathing exercise will help in childbirth between contractions.
  2. Discontinuous (dog) breathing: take short and fast breaths and exhalations. Air passes through the nose and through the open mouth.

Here is what gymnastics can do pregnant to improve their condition. The main thing – to make the right choice of exercises to achieve certain goals.

If there are no specific health problems, you can stop at the usual general strengthening exercises in the morning – it will be quite enough. If it is necessary to eliminate the edema, remove extra pounds, train breathing for childbirth, be sure to ask for help from a specially designed complex. And do not forget that at every stage of pregnancy the load will need to be monitored and monitored for compliance with the norms allowed by the doctors.

Do you know that. 10 minutes of the simplest morning gymnastics contribute to the active production of endorphin in the body – the hormone of joy, which will allow you to recharge your batteries for the whole day?

By the time of pregnancy

Any doctor and fitness trainer will tell you that gymnastics for pregnant women in trimesters is being chosen: those exercises that can be performed easily in the early stages cannot be repeated in the later periods. Loads that are available up to 20 weeks, are prohibited after 30. All this should be considered when choosing a complex.

I term

Many pregnant women mistakenly believe that in the first trimester, one can continue to lead a normal life: the tummy is not there yet, there are also significant changes in the state, if it does not suffer from toxicosis. It means you don’t need to limit yourself in physical activities. This is not true. Any doctor will say that in the early stages (up to week 16) the risk of spontaneous abortion is very high. So gymnastics should be done carefully, without overloading. You can adopt the following complex.

  1. Walking on the spot. Duration – 10 minutes.
  2. The legs are shoulder-width apart, the palms are at the waist. The torso turns to the right and left.
  3. In the position of standing arms connect behind the head Put your elbows in front of you, put to the sides. Repeat several times.
  4. Bend your elbows, put them in front of you. Dilute elbows to the sides, repeat.
  5. Lie on the side, arm straighten up, the second to rest on the floor. Slowly tighten your knees to the stomach, straighten back.

For the first trimester to pass without complications and unpleasant moments, exercise your breath and learn to tone and relax the muscles of the body. This will be needed at birth. Proper gymnastics for pregnant women at this stage is the guarantee of the safe birth of the child.

II term

One of the most favorable periods for pregnant women is the 2nd trimester, since the body is accustomed to changes, toxicosis in the past, the tummy is not so big yet. And here – it’s time to do gymnastics in full force, as far as health allows.

  1. Walking on the spot. Duration – 15 minutes.
  2. Pulling on the socks.
  3. Sit down, stretch straight legs in front of you. Stretch your palms forward, reach with your hands to the feet.
  4. In a standing position, raise your right hand above your head, take your left hand to the side. Put back the right leg, stand for a few seconds. Repeat, changing arms and legs.
  5. Bend your legs under him, sit on the mat. Raise the hips, back hands.
  6. Stand straight, legs – shoulder-width apart. Put your hands behind your back, join the palms between the shoulder blades. Bend the chest forward, stay in that position.
  7. Stand straight, legs – shoulder-width apart. Hands – in the sides. Bend to the right and left. Stand in the starting position, raise your hands up. Make a few more tilts.

There is no need to be afraid to do gymnastics in the second trimester: there will be no nausea, the threat of miscarriage behind, the tummy is still small and allows you to perform all sorts of bends, you can still lie on your back without discomfort. Pregnant women should take advantage of their condition and prepare the body and body for the upcoming birth.

III trimester

Many problems in pregnant women occur when the 3rd trimester occurs: the stomach gets in the way, the back hurts, the head is busy with the upcoming troubles. You can’t refuse gymnastics, but you still have to change something in the exercises: reduce intensity and rhythm, choose a different set of easier exercises. For example, this:

  1. Sit on the mat, stretch your legs in front of you, lay your hands behind your back. Turn left, try to reach with one hand to the other. Return, repeat the exercise in the opposite direction.
  2. Stand on all fours, lean on straight knees and arms. From such a pose to sit on the heels, but not taking off from the floor of the hands. Head down.
  3. Stand on all fours, rest on the floor with elbows and knees. Bend in the spine, lift your head up. Straighten your arms, resting your palms on the floor, arching your back.

If the third trimester is overshadowed by edema or weight gain, it is the special gymnastics for pregnant women that allows you to solve these problems quickly, and most importantly – drug-free.

So, when choosing a gymnastics complex for pregnant women, consider your time limit in order to correct the degree of difficulty of the exercises and the physical load on the body and the body as a whole at different stages of carrying a baby. If there are any problems with a certain part of the body (back pain, a lot of stretch marks on the stomach, cellulite on the thighs), you can work specifically on it.

Helpful advice. If you feel that the prenatal depression is knocking at the door, you have started to fall apart at all, you are annoyed at trifles, nothing pleases you, but there is no strength for gymnastics. psychologists advise you to turn on your favorite music and dance. After this, you can perform several simple exercises. If you repeat it daily, in a week your psychological state will improve significantly.

For different parts of the body

Gymnastics for pregnant women at home: the benefits, types, exercise complexes

Pregnancy – a tremendous burden on all parts of the body and internal organs of women. With the growth of the baby, the back aches, the stomach pulls, the legs swell, stretch marks appear – you will not list all the misfortunes. But if you engage in their prevention from the first trimester, performing appropriate exercises for different parts of the body (back, hips, abdomen), all this can be avoided. See for yourself.

In 1 and 2 trimesters, pregnant women need to perform gymnastics for the back, which will have to be very difficult in the last periods, as the precious burden will increase.

  1. Lying in bed in the morning, squeeze the right fist, reach for the toe of the right leg. Relax. Change sides. End the exercise with both fists.
  2. To clasp the ankles with your hands, tighten your legs, bend over, rest your head.
  3. Lay your hands in front of the castle. Stretch in different directions. Fold the lock behind your back. Repeat.
  4. Get on your knees, sit down alternately on your hips.
  5. Stand on all fours, back to bend up. Bend, pull your chin up. Get on all fours, shake the basin in different directions.

Such gymnastics with proper and moderate exercise helps pregnant women with back pain, therefore, is to some extent therapeutic. But its main task is to strengthen the muscles of the back and spine.

Special gymnastics for the hips will allow a pregnant woman to stretch enough the internal muscles of this part of the body. Their elasticity will help the child to easily overcome the birth canal, prevent tears.

  1. Stand on your toes, squat down. Put your palms on your knees, back straight. Spread your legs wider. Slowly rise, stand up to the fullest. It is allowed to use the arm of the partner and the back of the chair as a support.
  2. Lie on your back, bend your legs. Tighten your knees to your chest, connect your feet, spread your knees with your palms.
  3. Sit down in Turkish, to connect the feet, spread your knees. Bend forward with your hands holding your ankles. Put your elbows on your knees, pushing, push them apart.
  4. Sit down in Turkish, to put your hands on your ankles. The partner raises knees pregnant, she, straining, interferes with him.

This gymnastics stretches the thigh muscles, has a beneficial effect on the knee and hip joints. For stretching, doctors recommend that pregnant women squat more often.

Very useful exercises for the abdomen. It strengthens the abdominal muscles, which helps in childbirth.

  1. Bicycle. The exercise is described above.
  2. Swinging the pelvis in different directions with fixed shoulders, circular motion to them, writing out the figure eight.
  3. Feet shoulder width apart. Hands on the belt. Turns in different directions.
  4. The slopes in different directions.
  5. Legs shoulder-width apart, knees half bent. Hands behind your back to wrap your elbows. Walk in this position.

Gymnastics for a certain part of the body can work wonders. But at the same time pregnant women should understand that in a couple of lessons the lower back will not stop breaking, if they have not been engaged before. If before conception there is an overweight problem, if the fetus is large, it is better to start practicing from the first weeks. This will allow to approach the 9th month without significant health problems. And, finally, I would like to separately tell you about a wonderful medical complex, which helped hundreds, if not thousands, babies to be born without complications.

It is interesting! The most effective time to perform gymnastics for pregnant women is the period from 16.00 to 19.00.

With pelvic presentation

Gymnastics for pregnant women at home: the benefits, types, exercise complexes

About 5% of pregnant women hear about pelvic presentation of the fetus, which is fraught with serious complications during childbirth. One of the key points to remedy this situation is a special corrective gymnastics, so that the baby turns over and assumes the correct position in the womb.

With regular execution, it helps in 70% of cases. Recommended from week 29 only. It is represented by the exercises developed by A. E. Shuleshova, I. I. Grishchenko, I. F. Dikan (appointed with increased uterus tone), E. V. Bryukhina (when uterus tone is uneven), V. V. Fomichevoy (if tone uterus decreased) and others.

Gymnastics for pregnant women by the method of Dikan – one of the most simple. Lying on the bed, alternately turn from side to side. Each lie at least 10 minutes. Repeat 4 times three times a day before meals.

Gymnastics for pregnant Bryukhina recommended to perform twice a day, an hour after a meal.

  1. Kneel down, lean on elbows. Take a few breaths and exhalations.
  2. I. n. (Starting position) former. On the exhale – a slow tilt down, touch your hands with your chin, on the exhale – to return.
  3. I.p. the former. Straighten the right leg, slowly lift up, then put aside, touch the floor with the toes, return. Change leg.
  4. I.p. the former. Bring your head down. On the exhale – round the back, slowly bend, on the exhale – raise the head.

Such a gymnastics is recommended for pregnant women to do everything with pelvic presentation of the fetus, so that the child turns over. Be sure to use it to correct the situation: this will allow childbirth to pass safely.

As you can see, specially selected and regularly performed gymnastics for pregnant women plays an important role for the health of the mother during these 9 months and fetal development. If the complex is chosen correctly and the woman responsibly treats, you can cope with almost any problem of this difficult situation (except for contraindications for physical activity).

Do not be lazy, dear future moms, find half an hour a day for your unborn child and for yourself, beloved – then you will not regret about these spent minutes.

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