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Fitball Exercises for Pregnant Women: Tips and Videos

Exercises for fitball for pregnant women (photo: V.Ushkanova / BILDFABRIK / CFA Burda)

The most favorable period when you can do fitball exercises for pregnant women is the II trimester. a-a.eu.com But before the start of classes, especially in the I and III trimester, it is necessary to consult a doctor. Video workshops will help you do the exercises correctly, and expert advice will point out the limitations and features of this fitness for expectant mothers.

Expert advice

  • Before training with the fitball, you need to do a general warm-up.
  • In the first trimester, even on fitball, it is not recommended to perform abdominal exercises. But oblique abdominal muscles can be trained – this is a good preparation for childbirth.
  • You can train in the first trimester of the thigh muscles. But deep squats are forbidden.
  • Useful will be in the first trimester, as in the next two trimesters, exercises on the chest muscles.
  • In the second trimester, focus on exercises for the pelvic area. They will be especially relevant for future mothers of 30-35 years. They can be supplemented by kegel exercises.
  • From 16-18 weeks exercise should be performed in a bandage.
  • In the II trimester, exercises with a fitball for 1 leg are not recommended.
  • In order not to provoke a lack of oxygen in the child, not to squeeze the vena cava, it is necessary to perform exercises on the side, not on the back. But if you feel comfortable doing exercises on your back, you have been practicing for a long time, perform them for no longer than 1-2 minutes.
  • Carefully perform the exercises in the third trimester, when there is a high risk of improving the tone of the uterus. If the pulse is frequent, there are uncomfortable feelings, it’s time to stop exercising.
  • Exercises on fitball must be supplemented by breathing exercises.
  • Exercises on fitball during pregnancy are contraindicated, if early toxicosis, preeclampsia is pronounced, there is bloody vaginal discharge, there is a lot of water, there are chronic diseases.

Video workshops: fitball exercise for pregnant women

The most effective fitball exercises for future mothers can be seen in the video below. It will be easier to carry them out along with instructions and expert advice.

Video workshop: exercises for pregnant women on fitball

Video workshop: fitball fitness for pregnant women and tips

Video workshop: exercises for pregnant women on fitball (from a doctor and a fitness expert)

Do you do fitball exercises? Share your impressions in the comments.

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