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Enterofuril for children: a detailed review of the drug

The vast majority of preschool children suffer from diarrhea. Diarrhea in a child should always cause increased attention of parents. No matter how common this disease may seem, according to WHO, diarrhea is the second cause of infant mortality after respiratory infections. Of course, a large percentage of such deaths occur in countries in which it is difficult to ensure access to clean drinking water, but you should not be blithely concerned with the manifestations of the disease.

The treatment should have the widest possible range of action, but it does not harm the intestinal microflora. Below we will tell everything about such a medicine as Enterofuril: what is indicated in the instructions for use of this suspension for children, what is the price of this medicine and what are the analogues of the drug.

Release form and composition of the drug

The drug with the trade name Enterofuril is known on the international market as Nifuroxazide. This antibacterial agent, which is presented in domestic pharmacies in two forms:

  • Gelatin capsules sizes 0 and 2;
  • A thick suspension of yellow.


  • Magnesium stearate;
  • Powdered cellulose.

Gelatin capsule 100 mg contains:

  • Titanium dioxide (E 171);
  • Yellow-green dye (E 104);
  • Karmazin (E 122);
  • Crimson dye 4R (E 124);
  • Gelatin.

In addition to the active ingredient nifuroxazide, the suspension contains:

  • Sucrose;
  • Sodium hydroxide;
  • Carbomer;
  • Methyl ester of para-hydroxybenzoic acid (E-218);
  • Ethyl alcohol 96%;
  • Lemon acid;
  • Food flavor “banana”;
  • Distilled water.

The medication is taken with symptoms of intestinal infection. Primarily with acute diarrhea, provoked by bacterial causes. However, the advantage of the drug is that it can be prescribed before bacteriological analysis is done.

The action of the drug is aimed at suppressing the growth and development of microorganisms, and with increased dosage destroys the pathogenic bacterial flora. The tool is effective for intestinal infections caused by such conditionally pathogenic flora groups:

  • Vibrio cholerae;
  • Yersinia;
  • Citrobacter and campylobacter;
  • Edwardsiella.

How to take enterofuril

Thanks to the measuring spoon, which is in the package, the drug can be dispensed without difficulty. 5 mg of the suspension (in a full measuring spoon) contains 200 mg of the substance. Up to two years, a single medication is 100 mg (half a measuring spoon). Enterofuril in the form of a syrup in the instructions for use of the drug is recommended for children in the age of:

  • From 1 to 24 months – half a measuring spoon 2-3 times a day;
  • From 2 to 6 years – A full measuring spoon 3 times a day (daily dose should not exceed 600 mg);
  • From 6 years old – A full measuring spoon 4 times a day.


This medication is used in pediatrics for the treatment of acute intestinal infections since the sixties of the last century. Contra indications are few. The reasons for limiting use are:

  • Age up to 1 month;
  • Prematurity;
  • Individual sensitivity to the active substance of the drug.

The remaining categories of patients can use the medication according to the instructions.

Application features

Enterofuril, despite the majority of positive reviews, for children should be recommended by a doctor. In addition, there are cases of severe allergic reactions, even in children who took this medicine at an earlier age without consequences. While taking the drug is recommended to drink plenty of water. At the moment, the medication is discharged as an accompanying agent during rehydration treatment.

There is information on the Internet that in 2003 there were active discussions in France about the unequal indicators of the benefits and harms of taking the drug, as a result of which the use of the suspension was restricted and prohibited in children who were under two years of age. These data to confirm or deny failed. There were no prescriptions from domestic health care organizations to change the dosage and age limits.

If for some reason Enterofuril is not available, you can find analogues for children:

  • Ersefuril, suspension (from one month);
  • Stopdiar suspension (from two months);
  • Nifuroxazide, suspension (from two months).

So, Stopdiar or Enterofuril, which is better for a child? From the list of analogues it is clear that these are two identical drugs. The active ingredient in these drugs is the same, so they are completely interchangeable.

The remaining analogues and the active substance and excipients do not differ from the composition of Enterofuril. As for the price, the average cost of Enterofuril suspension is 380 rubles, Ersefuril will cost a bit more expensive – 450 rubles., Stopdiar on average costs about 310 rubles.

As for Nifuroxazide, it is difficult to find it, but the price is the most affordable – about 250 rubles.

Enterofuril for children – video

In this video, gastroenterologist Alexander Gorelov answers the most popular questions about diarrhea in a child and makes recommendations for treatment. In addition to the rehydration solution, the doctor advises to use Enterofuril as the most effective and safe antiseptic that preserves the intestinal microflora.

The risk of catching an intestinal infection in children is very high. Parents should be prepared for such diseases and stock up in the first-aid kit a medicine for emergency assistance to the child. First of all, it must be some kind of oral rehydrating agent and adjuvant medication. Enterofuril has been used for many years to eliminate the causes of diarrhea.

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