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What and why parents are fined on the roads

Natalya Agra, president of the Movement without Danger Center, commented on the most resonant cases, fines and actions of traffic police officers.

– Like a bolt from the blue: the mother of four children is outraged that she was fined 3,000 rubles for six people traveling in a five-seater car. This means that one of the children was not in the car seat, but was sitting on someone’s hands or was fastened with one strap for two, ”says Natalia. – Then began the discussion that large families need to be supported, and traffic police officers only seek to cash in on them (apparently, their support should consist in tacit permission to transport children as they please, and then – in silent work on their extraction from twisted cars ).

In the comments, other parents told wonderful stories about how, if there were five children, two were hiding in their legs — on the floor — with every road guard, many were outraged by the behavior of the traffic police officers, insulted, compared with their foreign counterparts not in favor of domestic ones. Children and their safety quickly ceased to be the object of discussion, although, in general, they were not originally. Fortunately, not for everyone.

Of course, all this could be missed by the ears and eyes, if the question did not concern the topic of the child’s life, not just one, but four, if the month of August wasn’t on the nose and if there were forces to accept irresponsibility and calmly perceive information that another child died because his parents decided that the car seats were invented by those who want to earn on fines.

I understand very well how difficult it is to organize safe logistics when there are three or more children in a family, I understand that a six-seater car is not accessible to everyone, that car seats are also expensive. But children’s life is incomparable with these problems, it is from a different weight category: save on anything else, transport children in several receptions, attract friends, relatives, taxis. It is impossible to choose the safest time, the safest weather, the most ideal way – accidents occur at any time, children die in the summer, autumn, Christmas and New Year, with perfect marking and without it, and most of the disasters (54%) occur on dry surface in clear weather.

In this case, the traffic police officers executed the law, did their work, rightly stopping the trip, which was a threat to the child. Their foreign colleagues, who were so praised in the comments, would have done the same thing, moreover, they have been doing it for a very long time, they just have to do it less often, in Europe it’s unthinkable to transport a child without a car seat, in some countries they don’t even let out the territory of the perinatal center.

If a newborn weighs 3 kg, when struck it will pick up all 90. This is the case when happiness does not need to be fastened with a belt, it is not necessary to put in a booster, it is not necessary to hold it in your hands, because if you fail to keep it, you will never feel guilty on the state and traffic police. Even the smallest 90 kg that the smallest passenger will weigh can not be held back by the most loving and strong hands. Do not argue with physics, and 3 thousand rubles per fine is more than half the cost of good-quality protection of the child and your conscience.

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