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Water games: the benefits of aquatherapy for children

Water has always been considered a source of life-giving, healing power. She treated illnesses and simply strengthened the body. Nowadays, aquatherapy is used not only in folk but also in traditional medicine.

Water has a beneficial effect on the human nervous system, cardiovascular system, improves blood circulation. Aquatherapy – any effect of water on the human body, whether it be a bath, a course of hydromassage, a trip to the sauna, douche to restore or strengthen. Some of them are used only on prescription.

With regard to child development, it can be argued that water has not only therapeutic value, but also developing. It helps to relax and relieve nervous tension, strengthen physical health. That is why babies should play games with water regularly.

It is interesting that even a newborn feels quite comfortable and safe in the water. After all, for him it is the most familiar environment, in similar conditions of existence, he was in the mother’s womb for 9 months. Despite this, however, do not forget about the necessary means of security, letting the child swim in the bath or in the pool. Babies need to wear a special circle around the neck, pre-school children need to purchase inflatable vests, sleeves. However, even with all the child protection products listed, you should not leave one in the water!

Moving in the water, the baby reduces muscle tone, trains them. Swimming contributes to the formation of correct posture, improves coordination of movements, reduces the level of excitability and anxiety in a child.

Children gladly agree to play in the water. Here are some of the games.

Game One: do as I do

Children enter the water at a shallow depth and stand in a circle. An adult or a child who will perform the role of a lead shows various movements — for example, squatting, jumping, and standing on one leg — and players must repeat them as precisely as possible.

Game two: football

To play you need a regular ball. Children are divided into two teams. Their task is to score as many goals as possible into the opponent’s goal. Children will have to play, standing knee-deep in water. This will contribute to the development of dexterity, strength, coordination.

Game Three: Grandma Sowed Peas

This game is not one decade. Children go to the waist in the water and join hands. Jumping on the spot, they sentence:

Grandma sowed peas
And she said to her grandfather: Oh!

At the same time with the last word, children dive into the water. If a child is afraid to dive under the water with his head, it is not necessary to force him in any case, it is enough just to plunge down the neck.

Game Four: Carousel

Children enter the water to the waist, join hands and stand in a circle. Singing a song, they start moving:

Carousel, carousel begins the story.
These are fairy tales, songs and fun!
Carousel, carousel is a joy for us,
Take a ride on our carousel!

If desired, the pace can be accelerated by moving to a run.

Game Five: fishing

Children are divided into two teams: fishermen and fish. At a signal, the fishermen chase the fish and catch them. As soon as the fish is caught, the participant leaves the game. When there are no fish left in the pond, the teams switch places and play along the same lines.

In principle, you can come up with a huge variety of water games for children. In this case, you can use toys and other available materials. For example, children like to pour water into different containers. Take advantage of children’s curiosity and show your child how containers from different materials behave in water: the iron sinks, and the plastic remains on the water. Agree, this is an ideal opportunity to combine water therapy with a developing lesson in physics.

Making a paper boat, you can play pirates, seafarers, etc. On board, you can put small toys – let them make a world tour around the water.

On vacation at an open reservoir, invite your child to play with sand or pebbles. Choose a secluded place where you would not interfere with holidaymakers, and build a fabulous city of castles, towers and bridges. And with the help of pebbles you can arrange a stone throwing competition. The winner is the one who throws the farthest pebbles.

These tips will allow you to spend time on the shore of the reservoir fun and informative. But remember that you cannot let a child out of sight.

How hard it is sometimes to say a few words about yourself. I am a mother, and that says it all, I have a daughter and three sons. I am engaged in raising children, and children, in turn, educate me. I love to cook, and not just like that, but something interesting and unusual. Recently discovered gardening. Besides, I really like to read, but only paper books, turning over page by page. And children always support me in everything.

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