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The complex of yoga for children From the caterpillar to the butterfly

Children’s yoga (photo: archive)

These exercises will help improve blood circulation and abdominal organs, prevent slouching, and improve lung function. In addition, with regular exercises, the muscles along the spine will become strong and flexible, which best stabilizes the condition of the baby’s nervous system.

1. Egg

I.P. – standing, bending the legs at the knees, bending down and grabbing our big toes. Do not stretch down, but completely relax the back and neck. The legs gradually try to straighten as much as it turns out without super efforts. Stay in this position for 5-10 seconds. Reach pens to fingers. It turned out a vicious circle of arms and legs – we turned into an egg from which a small caterpillar will soon be released.

2 caterpillar

I.P. – gradually straighten from the previous position and step with the right foot to the right. The right foot turns to the right, the left forward. We spread the handles to the sides and, bending the body to the right, lower the right handle onto the right foot. Left handle stretches up. No need to try to reach as low as possible. Keep the slope in the lateral plane. Head in line with the front leg. Neck in line with the spine. We keep the position for 5-10 seconds, then we repeat in the other direction. You can perform this pose by standing back to the wall.

Here baby (ka) got out of the egg, sweetly stretches and checks its flexibility and strength. Now she needs to move a lot and eat well, then to turn into a doll.

3 Transformation

I.P. – from the previous position, turn the body, pelvis, foot again right. The legs are fully straightened at the knees. Pushing feet from the floor, try to turn the tummy and pelvis to the front leg. The feet are parallel. The body and head remain in line with the front leg. The bottom handle can be put on a support (small stool, a stack of books, a stable box). Upper try to reach up. Fix the position for 3-10 seconds. Then repeat the other way.

Our caterpillar ate well and now it has a special thread, which it attaches to a twig, and then wraps itself – so the caterpillar becomes a pupa. Pull the thread handle up – firmly holding the branch. And spin to the front leg – the transformation begins!

4 Cocoon

I.P. – from a sitting position. Fully straighten legs. Serve foot on yourself. Put your palms behind your back. Hand fingers look in the direction of the stop. We stretch the spine in one line from the tailbone to the crown. Pushing handles from the floor, we create an effort in the upper part of the back, expanding the chest. Fix the position of 5-10 seconds.

Our baby doll is wrapped tightly in diapers, like a newborn baby. This is called a cocoon. So she remains completely motionless for some time in order to complete the transformation and so that no one would notice her at that time — not to disturb her, because the pupa has no wings for its legs to escape in case of danger.

5 Exit

I.P. – from a supine position. Bend the legs at the knees and put them shoulder-width apart. Pushing handles from the floor, we try to straighten them. Taz tends up, not to the legs! Fix the position for 3-10 seconds.

And after a while, when the butterfly gets out of the cocoon.

6 butterfly

I.P. – from a sitting position. Cross legs. We seize ourselves by the feet, as if embracing the hips. Elbows to the sides. We try to pull the legs closer to the body and straighten the back. Fix the position for 5-15 seconds, then repeat, changing the cross of the legs.

And here is a miracle – not a caterpillar appears from the cocoon, but a beautiful butterfly! She needs some time to sit on a branch, so that the sun and light breeze dried wings.

At the end of the lesson, the baby can run, waving handles-wings, like a fluttering butterfly.

We finish the complex with relaxation: lying on the back with straightened legs and arms and, as far as possible, with closed eyes.

A set of exercises developed by KyevYogaStudio teacher Elena Rodicheva.

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