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Spring shopping for the little ones

Spring is not in a hurry to our lands, and so far its colorful raznotsvete can be found only in the windows and on the shelves of children’s stores, as well as in the distant and hot warm countries, where the rainy season will begin only after six weeks. So, what famous brands are offered in the new collections for the very smallest?

First, I will note the most, perhaps, convenient thing for babies – a slip, or full, with legs, and often with sewn scratches, overalls. Judging by the name (from the word sleep), this thing replaces pajamas. But since the newborn sleeps most of the day, this is the perfect clothes for him.

Next offers fun slips for creative parents. The print inscription informs others on behalf of the baby (of course, in English): I am my mother’s little rock star, I was born in 2013, Lazy dreamy days.

The last slip thanks to the prints looks soiled – a fun joke for those who want to tease the neighbors of their grandmothers, who like to gossip about how to raise children.

Mothercare sells very high-quality sleeves with compacted heels (this is important for those kids who are already trying to get up on their feet). In the set of three pieces. There is a democratic option for boys and girls from the usual white jersey without prints and decor at a very nice price.

There are sets of slips with gender difference – for a girl with a print in the form of some cute little animals, tasty fruits or cakes, for a boy – with recently hit steam locomotives or dinosaurs, or other animals. As a rule, some element of the print is decorated with a slip in the form of a sewn chevronchik on the chest.

Dinosaurs, by the way, are very popular. They appear on sets of baby clothes from the most popular British store Primark, as well as (along with the girl’s berries) on a pretty summer light jumpsuit without legs – the so-called sandbox from Sela. The colors of the model are the most trendy this spring and summer: turquoise, lemon and light green.

You can without any doubt dress up the baby in this range: the tones dominated on the adult catwalks of the spring-summer 2013 collections. A child already sitting in a wheelchair can buy turquoise pants – both for boy and girl. It is more convenient than models on pomoshah with easily unfastened locks. Some mothers also love trousers, which, like slips, fasten with buttons along the line of a step: it is more convenient to change the diaper diaper more quickly. The pants can be complemented with a trend plaid cotton shirt with a trendy stand-up collar (such as Benetton’s) or a jersey t-shirt with long sleeves and animal print from Sela.

Mother wants a little girl to dress up in a dress from the first months of life. The desire is understandable, especially if the dress is as cute as a little sundress with wings and a butterfly print from Sela.

However, this option, ideal for a trip to visit or in a cafe, is not so convenient when it comes to a sandbox or a sandy beach: diapers and panties will be poor protection from the ubiquitous sand, so it is better to let the little girl play kuliki in unisex pants or short elastic leggings. And for cool evenings, a Next blouse with a flower for a deliberately home knit for a girl or a tight hoodie made of cotton jersey for a boy will be suitable.

I am a browser – I write about fashion and style. Concurrently raising two children. The girl is eleven, the boy is three. Combining these two posts is difficult, but pleasant and interesting. Especially during shopping walks with a daughter.

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