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10 useless children’s things: rating moms

During pregnancy and after childbirth, mothers accumulate a lot of useful and not-so-great things that should make her life easier and help in caring for her child. However, in fact, some of them gather dust without work. We have compiled a list of the most unnecessary children’s things according to moms.

1. Crib canopy

All ratings have a canopy. In theory, he should protect the baby in the crib from bright light, insects, dust or drafts. And of course, a child sleeping under a canopy can only be a little prince or a princess. But then something happens after buying this thing:

The canopy is a dust collector, but I left it for that thread to alter.

Canopy – the leader in the uselessness and inconvenience! His sellers are aggressively trying to shove along with the bumpers! Do not get fooled!

Plus a canopy. She also could not get enough of her when she took it off. Even with the elder, the bumpers were not at all useful – she was pushing everything through them, and then she got into the habit of wiping the contents of the diaper.

2. Brush for the first hair

They are given and bought, because – how will the newborn walk shaggy in the first months of life? However, in the end, parents are often unhappy with such a purchase.

Brush for soft first hair. Whole two gave. Uncomfortable to use. Adapted them for washing the soles of shoes – here they have no price.

Not useful for both children: a hairbrush. Every time I see in the store pregnant couples choosing this set of combs, and I want to tell them: nooo, do not take them, the combs are not needed.

About combs true. Bought and is to this day. Although the son had hair right away. The son, already almost five years old, uses as a brush in his games. And he began to comb his hair after a year, immediately baby scallop.

3. Scissors for newborns

Many mothers complain that they are inconvenient to use, and the child suffers from it, first of all, of course. If you even occasionally complain about your dexterity, think ten times before buying this item.

Scissors with rounded tips for children’s manicure. They are impossible to pry baby nail. Thick blades make this thing completely uncomfortable. A couple of attempts were enough to throw them out, not sparing.

Scissors for babies – thick blades and rounded edges make the thing meaningless, as well as nippers – there is some kind of plastic flow, so you don’t see how much you cut, both daughters cut them very briefly a couple of times. Then cut with ordinary nail scissors.

4. Sliders-undershirts

Buying children’s clothes in advance in the first months of life – how to walk on thin ice. And certainly it is not necessary to stock up with a large number of sliders and vests – they may not be useful.

We do not need shirts and sliders.

Not used pockets and sliders, better slip.

Do not need undershirts and sliders without shoulders – slid constantly.

Sliders and vests – not used at all.

5. Pacifier Thermometer

The store will tell you that it is very convenient, fast and simple. But our mothers – a completely different opinion.

Do not take anybody and never her. They are terribly heavy, uncomfortable to hold in the mouth, it falls in a baby. Plus, my baby had a gag reflex on it.

And to us the mother-in-law has bought. Exactly once tried to use it, the child did not like, spit it out. And that’s all it is.

6. Silicone pads and breast pads

Also not in the honor of our mothers – uncomfortable and expensive. But women have their own little tricks that help them do without special pads for their breasts.

I honestly tried to use them, but whether the chest is not standard, or lining about anything. Not grown together with us.

So I could not adjust the lining. Bought in 7 months, when suddenly a crack appeared. But she could not stick them.

Any pad-pads for the chest. I ordinary, without wings, for critical days, cut into 2 parts.

For many parents, the playpen was a worthless purchase: it occupied a lot of space in the apartment, and the child didn’t want to be in it.

The most unnecessary product is the playpen. It is always a pity to look at the children sitting in it. as in a cage. If I had to leave, I left my son in the crib, and so he was in free movement, he knew the world. Valuable and fragile things and so were hidden higher, so crawling and walking around the apartment was pretty safe.

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