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What you need to know when choosing a crib

What you need to know when choosing a cribBefore the appearance of the baby left quite a bit. Happy parents are trying to make the best nursery in the world for the future of the karapuz, and are busy with the latest preparations, one of which is the preparation of a bed. In principle, there is nothing difficult in this, but in practice it turns out that when choosing a crib, moms and dads guide its appearance and how it fits into the interior of the room. But is that all?

Do not forget that the first time the crumb will spend a lot of time in it. And in such a situation it is much more important that it is comfortable and safe, and only after that is beautiful. How to make the right choice?

Indeed, choosing is not easy. In stores, cribs are presented in a huge assortment, ranging from the simplest cribs that were used even by our grandmothers, to the most modern and functional models. But this diversity can be significantly reduced, for this decide what type of bed you need (classic, transforming bed, playpen, cradle). And it will immediately become much easier to choose.

When the decision is made, you can proceed to assess its quality, safety and convenience for the child. So…

What is the cot made of?

It makes no sense to list all sorts of materials that can be used in the manufacture of furniture. For the child, the best option would be a bed made of natural wood or high-quality fiberboard, chipboard. They must be environmentally friendly and have the appropriate certificates.

Minus metal beds – when touched there is cold metal. And it is desirable to abandon plastic for obvious reasons. Although outwardly it is sometimes difficult to distinguish them from wood. But the presence of silicone pads on the upper slats of wooden arenas, do not be embarrassed, the child will certainly want to nibble them when teething the first teeth.

Does the bed meet safety requirements?

Do not underestimate the possibility of children. As practice shows, they are constantly breaking off something from somewhere, will get it, and they will even want to taste it. Therefore, the number of such parts in your purchase should be minimal. Naturally no sharp corners, which can be injured. If you choose a model that can be downloaded, check the presence of latches. This is the minimum that you need to pay attention to.

The presence of adjustable walls

It is only at first glance it seems that they are not necessary. But, think how convenient it is to lower the side wall and move the playpen to your bed, during sleepless nights when the pussy got sick. And when the baby grows up a little, you can remove a couple of rods so that the little fidget can climb into the arena.

Height adjustment

There are a number of conclusions about the dangers of detergent cosmetics. Unfortunately, not all newly-made moms listen to them. In 97% of baby shampoos, the dangerous substance Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) or its analogues is used. Many articles have been written about the effects of this chemistry on the health of both children and adults. At the request of our readers, we tested the most popular brands. The results were disappointing – the most publicized companies showed the presence of those most dangerous components. In order not to violate the legal rights of manufacturers, we cannot name specific brands.

The company Mulsan Cosmetic, the only one who passed all the tests, successfully received 10 points out of 10 (see). Each product is made from natural ingredients, completely safe and hypoallergenic.

If you doubt the naturalness of your cosmetics, check the expiration date, it should not exceed 10 months. Come carefully to the choice of cosmetics, it is important for you and your child.

For a baby, it may not matter if the bed is higher or lower, but Mom will appreciate this opportunity. Bending is not so low, respectively, and the back gets tired less. However, when the child begins to sit down and stand up, it is necessary to lower it to the lower position.

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