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What is the placenta and what is its function

What is the placenta and what is its functionThe placenta is a truly unique and amazing organ that exists in a woman’s body only during pregnancy. The signal for the formation of the placenta is the introduction of a fruit egg into the lining of the uterus. And this process ends only at 4 months of pregnancy.

A modified mucous membrane of the uterus and villi of the embryo called the chorion is used as a building material for the formation of the placenta. When the formation ends, the new organ becomes mature, and by the end of the pregnancy begins to age. When a baby is born, it is separated from the walls of the uterus and is born together with the fetal membrane.

What is the placenta

How the new organ is formed is more or less found out, it remains only to figure out what the placenta is and what is its function. In appearance, it is somewhat reminiscent of a round, thick and soft cake. But its structure is really unique.

The villi that make up the main part of the placenta give it a resemblance to the crown of the tree. Inside these same villi, the baby’s blood flows, and outside they are washed by the mother’s blood, and the two vascular systems are separated by a membrane, which is called the placental barrier. Interestingly, the placenta is an independent organ that belongs to both mother and child at the same time.

Functions of the placenta

During development and maturation of the fetus, the placenta performs important functions. Consider them in more detail:

1. The first function performed by the placenta is to ensure gas exchange: the child receives oxygen from her mother’s blood, and gives carbon dioxide to the neighboring vessels.

2. The second function of the placenta is nutritional. She filters out nutrients from mom’s blood and passes them to the baby, and returns everything that is not digested.

3. The third function is immune. The placenta passes protective substances from the mother’s blood into the baby’s body, thereby forming immunity. But that’s not all, the placenta also protects the baby from aggressive antibodies, which can be formed as a result of the Rh-conflict. But keep in mind that the placenta does not protect a little from nicotine, alcohol and some medicines.

4. The fourth function of the placenta – the preservation of pregnancy in the early stages and ensuring the normal development of the fetus. This is due to the fact that it acts as an endocrine gland and synthesizes some hormones.

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