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What is maternal instinct

There is simply no clear definition of maternal instinct. Everyone interprets it from his bell tower: scientists say that hormones are to blame, psychologists refer to the subconscious, and historians consider it a social phenomenon. But let us leave interpretations and see what the maternal instinct is from the mother’s point of view, more precisely, what changes occur to her under the influence of that very instinct.

Maternal instinct adds responsibility

It would be even more correct to say: it does not add, but transforms something. That is, the maternal instinct makes taking care of the child and a sense of responsibility for him not only easy, but also pleasant. As a result, the fear of making a mistake disappears, a feeling of confidence in their actions appears. In such cases, it is said that the mother becomes more mature and wise.

Maternal instinct makes you calmer

When the maternal instinct wakes up, the need to tune in to the positive and try to find something that will lift your spirits, completely disappears. Now a good mood is the norm.

If experiences did not leave you yesterday (how to deal with them in the article: how not to get nervous during pregnancy) that something will go wrong, then after the appearance of the mother’s instinct, you go on an ultrasound with the firm confidence that everything will be fine . You just feel that the baby is healthy and well developed.

The same instinct will allow, already being at home, after discharge from the hospital not to panic without a reason, not to fall into a stupor at the sight of a pulsating spring and tell you what to do when the child cries: feed, put to sleep or just shake hands.

Maternal instinct gives confidence

If before the advent of the maternal instinct, literally all of his actions had to be questioned from the local gynecologist, now everything will start to change. Somehow you yourself know when the body needs more fluid, and when it is desirable to limit yourself to sweet or spicy. If before steamed vegetables, you flatly refused to eat, now buy a steamer and experiment.

There are a number of conclusions about the dangers of detergent cosmetics. Unfortunately, not all newly-made moms listen to them. In 97% of baby shampoos, the dangerous substance Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) or its analogues is used. Many articles have been written about the effects of this chemistry on the health of both children and adults. At the request of our readers, we tested the most popular brands. The results were disappointing – the most publicized companies showed the presence of those most dangerous components. In order not to violate the legal rights of manufacturers, we cannot name specific brands.

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The same instinct will tell you how to help your child with colic or ease teething, how to adjust the day regimen, night feeding and many more different.

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