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What is diaper dermatitis in newborns and how to treat it

What is diaper dermatitis in newborns and how to treat itModern mothers do not represent childcare without diapers. They make life so easy that it is simply impossible not to use them. Only you need to do this wisely. Remember that improper skin care can result in diaper dermatitis.

The first signs of the disease are redness of the skin on the buttocks, increased sensitivity and inflammation. And sometimes even the appearance of red peel, but it is in the most neglected cases.

If such problems occur, the main thing is to start treatment on time. Otherwise, these symptoms can develop into sores and blisters. Worst of all, they will burst and spread bacteria on irritated skin. Which in turn is fraught with complications.

Dermatitis Types

Diaper dermatitis. The most common cause of its occurrence is the friction of the diaper against the skin. Manifested in the form of redness or peeling of the skin.

Imperito. Occurs predominantly in the groin. Moisture, heat, friction of skin folds and contact with feces create an ideal environment for dermatitis.

Allergic dermatitis. Do not forget that toddler may not fit the material of the diaper or the moisturizing composition of children’s napkins. Accordingly, the choice of diapers must be given the closest attention.

How to prevent dermatitis

In the first months of life, a newborn requires special care. A diaper change should be carried out without a reminder at least 8-10 times a day. And in any case, do not wait until it is filled. Savings are not appropriate now.

The second point is a thorough washing ass. And this should be done not a couple of times a day, but after each change of the diaper.

Be sure to use the cream against prickly heat after bathing. And at the first signs of diaper dermatitis – after each change of the diaper. Only without fanaticism. It is not necessary to apply all means at the same time.

How to treat diaper dermatitis

The slightest redness can cause a lot of inconvenience and even severe pain. Therefore, assistance should be provided as soon as possible.

First of all, give up disposable diapers. Special wet wipes are also better to postpone. Now it is much more appropriate to water without soap and herbal teas.

After bathing, do not wipe your skin. It is enough to gently wet it with a soft diaper. And after the procedure, do not forget to necessarily lubricate the ass with ointment or cream for prickly heat. You can read some more tips on baby hygiene here.

Even elementary air baths are a treatment for diaper dermatitis. But the temperature in the room should not be below 24 ° C.

And the last. Now many mothers will begin to protest. For the time of illness, completely give up the oilcloth diapers. Now, more than ever, the advice of your mother or grandmother is appropriate. Diapers from a diaper or sheet – this is what is needed now.

When to see a doctor

If, despite all your efforts, your skin is still irritated. Or the situation has become even worse – pimples and puffiness have appeared, immediately contact a doctor. It is possible the infection of the skin with bacteria and fungi. And this is very painful and without expert help.

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The doctor will examine the baby and select, if necessary, antibacterial or anti-fungal ointment. They will help to quickly and effectively restore the skin and prevent the occurrence of diaper dermatitis complications in the future.

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