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Ultrasound screening: check the health of the future baby!

The health of the future baby is the most important issue for a pregnant woman. How does he or she feel, is it developing normally, are there any problems? These and other questions more than once during the pregnancy are asked by the expectant mother. Ultrasound screening will help answer them.

Ultrasound Screening: Why Do Ultrasound?

Regarding ultrasound during childbirth, disputes are still not abating: some people still believe that it is harmful to the fetus. I would like to reassure women who come to the screening for the first time and doubt whether screening is necessary: ​​this is a safe and non-traumatic procedure. That it allows you to fully explore the body of the baby and his mother. At the moment, ultrasound allows you to:

  • to determine if the child has serious developmental pathologies: Down syndrome, omphalocele, cystic hygroma and others;
  • find out the width of the neck transparency in the neck area;
  • to evaluate the blood flow in the venous duct and the level of development of the nasal bone (there is a dependence of the indicators on the presence of Down syndrome);
  • to identify malformations of the nervous system, brain, heart, kidneys and limb defects.

Some of these pathologies are subject to treatment after the birth of a baby, so knowing about what is happening to him means clearly developing the technology of pregnancy management. Unfortunately, the use of ultrasound screening can sometimes lead to tragic consequences: many of the detected pathologies are not subject to therapy. This leads to abortion for medical reasons.

When should ultrasound screening be done?

At the moment, ultrasound is prescribed to pass more than once during the child’s birth. As a rule, it is 2-3 times, also upon admission to the hospital for planned natural delivery or cesarean section (in which cases it is done, read here). In addition, a woman needs an ultrasound study with a threat to health – her own and the baby.

For the first time an ultrasound is sent to confirm pregnancy, but so far it carries very little information about the very baby. Rather, it is more needed to assess the health of the mother. But ultrasound diagnostics of the second and third trimesters (more details here: how screening is done) is already important for studying the state of the unborn child:

  1. Ultrasound screening at 10-11 weeks (2 trimester) can be performed both in the antenatal clinic itself and in specialized departments of centers and maternity homes. At this time it is already possible to understand whether the baby has malformations, whether there is hypertonus of the uterus, and so on.
  2. Ultrasonography at 18-22 weeks of pregnancy is, first of all, an intriguing event. You can already know the sex of the child! Additionally, the functional features of the development of the baby are investigated, its anatomy can be considered. At this stage, the internal organs, eyes, and spine are already well visible.

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Please do not neglect the ultrasound screening – it will allow you to see what is not available during a simple examination!

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