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Formation of correct posture

In small children, the bones are quite flexible, which allows them to do such acrobatic pirouettes, which professional gymnasts would envy. But this can cause spinal curvature, so you need to carefully monitor their condition. Control the correct posture in the child and with the slightest changes, consult a doctor.

From the health of the spine depends on the condition of the body as a whole. Each organ with the help of nerve endings is associated with a specific vertebra. If at least one of them shifts, it can cause many diseases.

The spine has a shape resembling the letter S. But it takes it only for the year. The neck curve is first formed, then the chest and lumbar. Thanks to these bends, correct posture is formed in the child. If there is a displacement of the vertebrae to the side – this is called scoliosis, if the spine is strongly bent backwards – by kyphosis.

Check whether the child has a correct posture. not so difficult. Ask him to stand at least a minute. If you look at the baby in front, the shoulders and lower edges of the kneecaps should be flush. If you look from behind, then ear lobes, lower parts of the shoulder blades, gluteal folds and popliteal fossae should be symmetrical.

If the correct posture is broken and there is a slight bend, try to find the cause that provoked it. It can be a high pillow, soft mattress and even unbalanced nutrition.

According to experts, even the psychological attitude of the child influences the formation of correct posture.

For example, if a baby is often in a depressed, depressed state, he begins to slouch. Thus, the child subconsciously tries to become inconspicuous. From which it follows that good family relationships have a beneficial effect on the formation of correct posture.

Pain in the back, legs, hip joints and headache can be symptoms of scoliosis.

In order to avoid problems with the formation of the correct posture, need to take care of high-quality, balanced diet. Keep track of the content of vitamins in food, they ensure the proper development of bones.

To strengthen them, phosphorus and magnesium salts are necessary. Much phosphorus is found in dairy products (milk, cheese, cottage cheese) and veal. Of course, it is also found in vegetable foods (peas, buckwheat and oat groats, beans), but from these products it is not so well digested.

But with magnesium, the situation is worse. It is washed out of the body with soft drinking water, if the dishes contain large amounts of sugar and salt with an excess of calcium.

The question of whether cereals are useful for children does not arise, since they are the main source of magnesium. You can read more about cereals in the article What kind of cereal to give to a child. A large amount of magnesium is also found in bananas, sunflower and pumpkin seeds and walnuts.

There are a number of conclusions about the dangers of detergent cosmetics. Unfortunately, not all newly-made moms listen to them. In 97% of baby shampoos, the dangerous substance Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) or its analogues is used. Many articles have been written about the effects of this chemistry on the health of both children and adults. At the request of our readers, we tested the most popular brands. The results were disappointing – the most publicized companies showed the presence of those most dangerous components. In order not to violate the legal rights of manufacturers, we cannot name specific brands.

The company Mulsan Cosmetic, the only one who passed all the tests, successfully received 10 points out of 10 (see). Each product is made from natural ingredients, completely safe and hypoallergenic.

If you doubt the naturalness of your cosmetics, check the expiration date, it should not exceed 10 months. Come carefully to the choice of cosmetics, it is important for you and your child.

Adhere to these simple tips, do not forget to pay attention to the development of the musculoskeletal system in the child, and correct posture is guaranteed.

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