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Epidural Anesthesia

In the previous article we talked about the methods of childbirth without pain. The topic is quite popular among future mothers, so today we will continue to develop it and talk about epidural anesthesia.

Today it is one of the most popular methods of anesthesia. According to statistics, in countries such as the United States and France, this type of anesthesia is used in 70% of cases. What is most interesting, epidural anesthesia is the only method of pain relief, which is approved by the Catholic Church.

It is carried out as follows. The anesthesiologist uses a special needle to puncture the epidural space (the hard shell of the spinal cord), after which a catheter is inserted through the needle and the catheter is removed. Then enter the anesthetic solution in the required amount. This allows you to de-energize the nerve endings leading to the uterus. Thus, anesthesia occurs with preservation of muscle functions.

Note that there is epidural anesthesia and analgesia. And this is not the same thing. They differ in the amount and concentration of anesthetic. For example, in the first case, a concentrated anesthetic is administered in small doses. In this case, the blocking of nerve endings is almost complete. The main disadvantage of this method is that the expectant mother is to some extent immobilized, and psychologically it is difficult to transfer.

When epidural analgesia is the opposite. The concentration of the drug is minimal, but the volume is quite large. Accordingly, the reduction of the pain threshold is made to a state in which the woman will be relatively comfortable. That is, she can walk, take any comfortable posture, feel the contractions. As required, an additional amount of the drug is administered. The main plus is the maximum proximity to natural childbirth.

No cost and no cons. Despite the popularity of the method, it gives some complications: headaches, sometimes a migraine, lasting up to 2-3 days, and a change in blood pressure, even if slight. Moreover, their presence or absence is in no way connected with the professionalism of the anesthesiologist. Often headache occurs for two reasons:

– the use of cheap anesthetics, not intended for epidural anesthesia. This reduces its cost, but does it make sense to save on health?

– the use of substandard kits for epidural anesthesia. Even microscopic needle defects can cause injury to the dura mater. This leads to the fact that when the needle is removed, part of the cerebrospinal fluid flows out and the pressure in the spinal canal changes. To prevent this problem allows the use of high-quality needles with pencil sharpening.

As for pressure reduction, there is no need to go far for reasons. This is only an individual reaction of the body to the anesthetic.

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Now you are familiar with possible complications and can take care of everything in advance. Given all these nuances, epidural anesthesia will not cause any problems.

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