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Baby teeth and gums care

In order for the teeth to be healthy, and the smile of the snow-white – you should start caring for them from the first days of the child’s life. Pay attention, not after the appearance of the first teeth, but long before that.

Rubbing the gums and the inside of the cheeks with clean gauze will help get rid of the bacteria. If you moisten it with a decoction of chamomile, the benefit will only double. Repeating this procedure several times a day, especially after the crumb has eaten complementary foods, you will provide reliable protection.

Particularly attentive and cautious should be those mothers whose children are bottle-fed. For them, such cleaning is required after each feeding.

And remember, a child should not fall asleep with a bottle in his mouth. This does not just lead to the appearance of defects in the teeth, so-called milky caries may develop.

When the first teeth erupt, you can safely move on to the brush. Let the baby gradually get used to caring for your teeth. After all, from about one and a half years he will have to master this procedure independently.

For a start, there will be enough soft brush, toothpaste is not needed yet. The child still needs to learn how to rinse his mouth, and only then think about choosing a paste.

Naturally, without your help, he can not do. Show how to brush your teeth properly, and he will quickly master the care of teeth and gums. Focus on the fact that you can not hurry, you need to do everything carefully, so that no bacteria has passed by.

It is equally important to immediately teach the crumb to ensure that he necessarily brushed his teeth at least 2 times a day. The little dodger may ask you to skip this procedure at least once, but you can’t give in.

It is clear that the first time, the care of teeth will seem to your child a boring and tedious task. To diversify the process a bit and make it more pleasant, imagine everything in the form of a game. You can even brush your teeth with the whole family. Then the child will be able to repeat after you or dad and quickly learn the correct actions.

There are a number of conclusions about the dangers of detergent cosmetics. Unfortunately, not all newly-made moms listen to them. In 97% of baby shampoos, the dangerous substance Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) or its analogues is used. Many articles have been written about the effects of this chemistry on the health of both children and adults. At the request of our readers, we tested the most popular brands. The results were disappointing – the most publicized companies showed the presence of those most dangerous components. In order not to violate the legal rights of manufacturers, we cannot name specific brands.

The company Mulsan Cosmetic, the only one who passed all the tests, successfully received 10 points out of 10 (see). Each product is made from natural ingredients, completely safe and hypoallergenic.

If you doubt the naturalness of your cosmetics, check the expiration date, it should not exceed 10 months. Come carefully to the choice of cosmetics, it is important for you and your child.

Do not forget to tell the baby that thanks to the daily care of your teeth, they will become beautiful and will never get sick. Try to write a fairy tale on this subject, and the crumb will instantly learn a lesson.

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