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Yaremche – Dovbush Rocks: a route with a child

Everyone who comes to rest in Yaremche, necessarily rise to the rocks of Dovbush. Local people will tell you that the road there is not easy, and you must take a guide. This often discourages travelers with children. Parents are experiencing, and will the child stand up to the rocks?

We ourselves have gone and checked everything. The popular tourist route “The Dovbush Trail” is part of the route to the Makovytsa mountain, which offers an amazing view of the city of Yaremche. We went on a trip with the children, so they did not get there – the ascent is, indeed, difficult. But to the rocks Dovbush climb with a child all the forces.

What is the “Dovbush Trail”?

The tourist trail is open to tourists since 1902 in memory of the legendary national avenger, the Ukrainian Robin Hood – Oleks Dovbush, who acted here in the years 1738-1745. He became famous for taking gold from the rich and giving it to the poor.

Dovbush Rocks are heaps of sandstone boulders, which form odd shapes with terraces and caves. According to legend, the treasures of Dovbush are hidden here. But they can only be found by someone who is looking not for himself, but for a good cause.

How it was?

We refused the guide. The popular tourist route “Dovbush Trail” passes through the territory of the Carpathian National Natural Park, therefore the entrance to the territory of KNPP is paid. Adults – 20 UAH, children – 10. Free access is provided for privileged categories of the population, including for children under 7 years old.

At the entrance you will inspect how not to get lost. It’s simple: the trail is marked with signs, and you can only turn away from it unless on purpose. For example, being fascinated by the collection of wild berries – raspberries, blueberries and blackberries – there are a lot of them here, so be careful and do not go far from the path. By the way, the berries right from the bush are incredibly tasty and fragrant, so if you eat in the Carpathians to taste forest delicacies, you are here. Dovbush trail – a paradise for picking berries and mushrooms.

Travel with baby

The Dovbush trail is basically a steady climb over the tamped earth, sometimes along the roots, sometimes there are small stretches with stones that need to be carefully passed through. But as a whole, ascent, as well as descent, belongs to the category of “light”, therefore, it will suit both inveterate travelers and families with children.

We climbed with children from 2 to 6 years. All weathered, it was all very interesting. There are beautiful views around, and at the end of the children there was a surprise – in one of the caves they found a treasure – golden coins! (Of course, the parents tried. But it’s not necessary for the children to know about it!)

In general, it seemed to us that this route is even more interesting for children. Therefore, we definitely recommend the Dovbush trail to mums and daddies! The trail is open all year round.

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