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What can not be done with the child if he is very cold

If you overestimate your strength and underestimate the power of frost and understand that your baby is very cold for a walk, do not rush at all costs and warm it as soon as possible in any way. Especially dangerous are the so-called grandmother’s methods.

Remember: hasty and thoughtless actions of an adult can bring a baby not only suffering, but also quite certain harm to health.

If the child is very cold while walking, do not warm him after returning home with warm water. Frozen hands and feet, even warm water will be perceived as very hot. Indeed, under the influence of cold, the sensitivity of nerve endings in the skin varies greatly. Frozen hands of the baby under the warm water will be very, very painful. Sometimes, with the special diligence of an adult, after such a procedure, the baby even develops bubbles similar to those that appear when scalding the skin. Do not expose the little one to such trials!

Do not ignore the whitening of the cheeks in a child! The whiteness of the cheeks is a clear indication that warming skin has flowed out in this zone. That is, the body “turned off” this zone from its heat-heating system. Immediately leave the street in any warm room! The rule remains the same: do not rub the cheeks, do not heat them with warm water, just let the body self-repair. The maximum that can be done is to direct the flow of warm air from the hair dryer to the baby’s cheeks. Very important! The air should not be hot, but warm, so the baby will warm quickly and safely.

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