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Traveling with a child: where are we going?

New Year’s bustle is not only a concern, where to get a Christmas tree, buy jewelry and outfit for your treasure at the matinee. It is also not an easy task – to plan a vacation with the kids so that it is interesting, fun and unforgettable! In the new blog of travel mom Alexandra Matveyeva, you will learn how to make it easy.

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As an experienced traveler, I start preparing for the New Year in advance. This holiday will surely come, and you will wait for it as a miracle, because to warm you to the December blizzard there will be air tickets to warm countries or to fabulous Lapland at a very sweet price: early booking. Do not be cunning, you do not want to see Santa Claus – nothing that you are no longer 5, but as many as 6 times 5!

Source: Alexandra Matveeva personal archive

Winter resorts

On the eve of the New Year, not only the Christmas tree in the price, but also the air tickets, and the best apartments with a fabulous view of the snow-capped mountains are no longer affordable. But we ourselves can be wizards and conjure cheap air tickets, plan the most interesting Christmas trip for the whole family on our own, find favorable rates for accommodation and organize leisure activities for each family member!

In Europe, they have been skiing since the age of three, and there are schools for the youngest skiers in almost every major resort. However, fees for training bite, so I recommend to study at home – it will be cheaper, and it is easier to understand the instruction in your native language.

Take ski equipment for kids – children grow very fast, and you have to update suits, boots, skis every year … Adults should buy equipment or at least shoes. In any case, ski clothing for both adults and children is better to rent a house, at the foreign resorts the prices for everything are resort!

Source: Alexandra Matveeva personal archive

We have an idea

By the way, winter may not be snowy at all, but with a gentle sea and not at all exorbitant prices, we were convinced by our own experience. We spent several winterings with a daughter with a total duration of 7 months! Of course, not every family can leave home for 2-3 months and fly away into the unknown, it is necessary to prepare for winterings carefully and in advance.

I bore this dream for 10 years, and when my daughter was born, I had the courage to plunge headlong into a world unknown to us: a world full of surprises, new acquaintances, exotic tastes, boundless happiness not only from the warm and tender ocean, but also from the opportunity to be with your family, enjoy socializing with each other and see how our little one grows in favorable climatic conditions.

Try to fly to Egypt for a week in dank November, the prices during this period are simply amazing, and the sea is tender, without an obsessive heat.

Source: Alexandra Matveeva personal archive

Go away, depression!

Life is the most exciting journey! Nothing charges us like a trip to a new country with loved ones. By the way, I actively recommend traveling as the most effective antidepressant, a way to find yourself and find inner peace. Behind me, I have a backpack of memories, and on my face are emotions from 40 countries where I have been to visit. All this, and knowledge as well, I pass on to my child. Someone needs an exotic soul, someone – diving into a real winter fairy tale with snowdrifts and New Year’s tinsel, but we all want one thing – to relax and spend time with our loved ones away from everyday work and life.

Source: Alexandra Matveeva personal archive

Develop child

We agreed to put the interests of our daughter in the first years of her life at the forefront and spend two winters without snot, flu and sore throats in warm countries. Yes, I had to make certain sacrifices in terms of family wealth, but these were justified investments in the immunity and development of the child. I do not spend on travel, I invest in development (both physical and emotional). Each trip gives the child an impetus in development. These three years of traveling with my little girl under my arm have created for me a completely new approach to raising my daughter: not only development through home schooling, but also travel training.

After all, it is no wonder that sages say that a day spent in a foreign country is equal to the year of study at home in terms of emotions and perception of the external world.

Traveling has opened me and I have created a free travel school for moms and dads, sharing my experience and knowledge even with those who are just preparing to become parents. I found myself and realized my vocation – I wanted to teach people to dream and fulfill their dreams.

But my account is more than 40 countries, of which I have already visited 20 with my little daughter, who is only 3 years old. The main principle of my trips is to pay real money for a trip! And I never stop dreaming, dreaming of new countries, which I will show my daughter and teach her the most important principle of life:

Restrictions exist only in our heads.

Source: Alexandra Matveeva personal archive

When you are just planning a trip, you are already mentally visiting unknown countries, fulfilling dreams, no one is imposing your convictions on you – this is important, believe me. If you like the country, your friend will not necessarily like it, even if you have similar views on family travel. Therefore, if you feel the need to travel, go, make your opinion about a particular country. There are no identical travels, as well as identical people – we all perceive the world differently.

Source: Alexandra Matveeva personal archive

Secrets of cheap flights

I didn’t like Indonesia with its famous Bali island – maybe we’ve already demanding tourists and saw quite a lot in Asia, maybe we’ve chosen the season badly for traveling to this country, but I don’t share the rave reviews on this island, although I would recommend fly and form your opinion on heavenly Bali. They say that Asia accepts someone, but “does not want” at all. This is a bit of a delusion, each of us is not ready to accept what he saw, for our compatriots Asia is a new world, absolutely different from ours.

Recently, in Ukraine, the low-cost air traffic has been very actively developing and world market leaders such as Qatar Airlines have entered the market. For Ukrainians, this is a great chance to see exotics for reasonable money. For example, Qataris often arrange sales, and you can buy tickets with a change in the Qatari capital, Doha, to the most popular destinations.

Source: Alexandra Matveeva personal archive

Voyage with baby

I will tell you a secret, although no, this is my personal conviction 100%: when you travel without children, even before their planned birth, you perceive the world completely differently. And the, that suited you in single travel, at all not suited in family. This is another caste, if you want to know, this is another world with a new person. As your life turns upside down with the advent of a small lump, your travel preferences change – they go to a new level, to the place where we take into account not only our own interests, but also the needs of the new person!

Source: Alexandra Matveeva personal archive

Countries, seas, continents …

SRI LANKA A country that is capable of not only surprising you, but falling in love with yourself from the first breath even at the airport – moist and scalding air, mixing cultures and styles. Only here I saw coconut palms turning into crazy coniferous forests with waterfalls, and elephants walking along the roads, like cats under our window. And the ocean is crazy and affectionate at the same time. My daughter still remembers how she fed the turtles right on the shore … And this whole immense paradise cost us only $ 600 a month! Accommodation on the beach, meals with fruit and freshly caught seafood, public transport and a taxi from / to the airport, as well as excursions! Yes, yes, and this is true.
THAILAND O country of warmth and exotic abundance, I fell in love with you deeply! All the most beautiful pictures on social networks – this is all unusual and diverse Thailand. Exotic scenes from popular films were filmed on the islands of Thailand, where coconuts and bananas are never translated, and the turquoise of the ocean just eats into the eyes of its incomprehensible charm. By the way, the average cost of living in Thailand for a family is $ 800-1,000 with accommodation, meals, excursions, renting a car or bike and all associated costs.
INDONESIA This country has remained a mystery to me, so you should definitely form your opinion on the many islands of Indonesia. The well-known paradise of Bali has disappointed me, although the Internet is full of impressive bright photos of this island. To us, he was remembered by a large variety of fruits and very affordable housing in the category “price – quality”. For example, a separate room with a luxurious kingsize bed, a shared kitchen and a swimming pool, immersed in the jungle, will cost you $ 9–15 per family, but at the same time the attitude to tourists and mountains of garbage on the beaches at certain times of the year you in shock. Therefore, I always advise you to carefully monitor the country in which you plan to go with a small child.

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