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Traveling with a child by car: what you need to know

Are you going to go with a child to travel by car? Then read the following tips to help you avoid trouble during your trip.

Safety regulations

If you are going to travel by car – first of all, follow all safety rules.

The child must be securely fixed with a seat belt.

Children under 12 years old must be transported in a car seat that can be chosen for each age group of children. If a cotton cover is attached to the car seat, be sure to use it to make the baby more comfortable to sit in it. It is possible to lay a light cotton diaper instead of a cover.

The smallest passengers up to a year can and should be transported in a portable car seat. It is better to immediately abandon the idea of ​​transportation in a sling or kangaroo, since during heavy braking they may not be safe.

Using the air conditioner

If the car is very hot – turn on the air conditioner for a while. In this case, of course, do not direct the flow of cold air to the child, so that he does not catch a cold. And remember that air conditioners dry the air, so from time to time, moisten the baby’s nasal passages with saline solutions.

Make a stop so that the child can run a little, jump and go to the toilet. Ventilate the machine during each stop for air circulation to occur.

Baby First Aid Kit

If the child is swayed in the car, it is better to stock up on drugs for nausea, mints and painkillers. Check with the pediatrician what should be included in the children’s first aid kit.

Be sure to take with them antiseptics – wet wipes, antiseptic spray, water for washing hands.

Meals on the road

Dry rations in the form of galetny cookies, fruits and vegetables – this is the best food for the little traveler. You can also feed the child ready baby food from the jars. This is the best option for food during the trip.

And do not forget about the drinking regime. It is best to buy non-carbonated water instead of juices or compotes that can sour on the way.


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