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Travel with a child: important nuances

A child collects a suitcase (photo: Fotolia)

We decided to go on an exciting journey with the baby? Take care of all the important nuances in advance.

Important nuances

  1. To find a place for a holiday without the help of a travel agency, take a look at special travel services. Set the necessary parameters (budget for the flight, date, interests), after which the system will select the appropriate directions and show the necessary information: the cost of food, currency, weather, the cost of renting a car and public transport services, places of interest, etc.
  2. Try to avoid extreme and exotic options, choose a mild climate without abruptly changing time zones and temperatures. So baby quickly acclimatized.
  3. Take an interest in discounts for kids in hotels (accommodation can be free) and in airlines. So, flights on international flights have a discount of up to 90% or a fee is charged. True, the entire flight will have to keep the little traveler in his arms, since he is not given a separate seat.
  4. Will you go by car? The most common trouble on the road is motion sickness. The vestibular apparatus is poorly developed in children. It is formed only in five or seven years. Unfortunately, there are no preventive measures against motion sickness. But the best way to go in the hours of daytime or night sleep baby. In this case, he, most likely, will also fall asleep in the car and will not rock him. Please note that the crumb must sit strictly in the direction of the car.

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