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This method allows you to communicate with the baby in the womb

It turns out that for several decades, there is a special method that allows you to communicate with the baby in the womb. It is called “haptonomy”, and the phenomenon of the method is already hidden in the title itself.

Translated from the Greek, haptonomy means “I touch, make contact.” The theory is based on the idea that a baby still in my mother’s tummy can respond to the attention of parents, expressed in voice and touch. Just imagine what an unusually strong impact such communication has on a child who, before birth, learns to recognize mom and dad, feel their love, and most importantly, “tell” them about the feeling of joy or boredom, fear and pleasure. Future parents, in turn, learn to develop sensitivity and responsiveness to the crumbs.

Why do you need it?

In the modern world, when a woman works almost before birth, pregnancy often comes second plan, being the background of everyday affairs and worries. Being in such a rhythm, a woman is not always aware that pregnancy is not only a big tummy, toxemia and back pain, but also a baby inside. It is haptonomy that allows you to include a woman in a child, develop a maternal instinct and understand that she carries not a fetus under her heart, but a person with character, emotions and feelings. This method is not like the others. He does not teach how to breathe properly during childbirth, he will give more – help to become real parents and create a strong loving family.

Wiggling baby

Virtually every future mom on a subconscious level catches the need to communicate with the “tummy,” especially when the baby has already begun to push. The first stirring, or rather the gentle tickling of the crumbs, like the fluttering of butterfly wings, is a truly magical moment, very touching and significant. After all, now you not only know that you will have a child, but also physically feel the little one under your heart. Few people know that a crumb, like an air acrobat, performs fantastic turns in mom’s tummy long before she can feel it. And all due to the fact that its dimensions are very small, but this does not mean that the baby is inactive at this time, on the contrary, it moves all the time.


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