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Rules travel with a child: important nuances

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Going on a trip with your child? Try to create a comfortable environment for him and ensure safety on the road.

Safety regulations

Traveling by car, bus, train or plane, try to follow the main rules. What kind?

  1. The child is securely fixed. In a car, children up to 12 years old can only be transported in the car seat. In the train or bus, make sure that the young tourist does not run down the aisle and does not open the windows, but sits next to you. (By the way, in the car lock the door and the glass next to the child seat.)
  2. Do not use a sling or kengurushka when moving: during sudden braking they may be unsafe. It is better to put the baby in the carrier, car seat for the newborn. In the plane on request can provide a cradle and be sure to give a special seat belt for the baby.
  3. During the trip, the child may feel discomfort: he swayes in the car, he also lays his ears on the plane. It is important that there be water (non-carbonated!), Mints, preparations that will relieve nausea, headache (check with your pediatrician in advance). And for the baby, grab a pacifier.
  4. Take care of hygiene. Antiseptic sprays, wipes will reduce the likelihood of acquaintance with the infection in public transport.
  5. Dress the child according to the weather, do not mess up.
  6. Traveling by car? Put the summer cotton cover on the car seat or put a cotton diaper under the back of the baby. Plan your stops so that your passenger can air out, go to the toilet, move around.
  7. Do you use air conditioning in the car? Keep in mind that it strongly dries the air. Therefore, from time to time, moisten the nasal passages of the child with salt solutions, water it with plain water, and when you stop the car, open all the doors of the car to allow air exchange. And of course, do not direct the flow of cold air directly at the little passenger.

Entertainment on the go

The kid can get bored on the road. Come up with interesting activities, games. Do not forget to take your favorite toy with you, but better without small details, sharp corners.

Useful on the road tablet with cartoons and CDs with audio books.

Look out the window with the baby and analyze what he saw. You can count cars, explore the colors of houses, fantasize what clouds look like, etc.

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