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Parting with a child – 8 times during life

Woman and child cease to be one. Mom feels emptiness, loss, loss of an exceptional position among others.

It is necessary to switch attention to the care of the child, to the development of an independent personality, at the same time developing relations with the husband, with the environment in other social roles, not only “mothers”.

2. Weaning

Breaking this close contact is sometimes difficult for both the child and the mother. This is communication, and universal mother’s child protection.

The psychologically ideal period for weaning is between 1 and 2 years. To survive this gap, the mother must focus on opening the world to the child, on its formation in it.

3. Exit from decree

In addition to the pain of separation and children’s hysterics, there will be a feeling of guilt in mom.

Mom, it is important to pull myself together, to adapt the child as much as possible to the pastime with others. In this parting we will have to get used to the fact that the child can be good with someone else, and the mother can be good without the child.

4. Admission to kindergarten and school

This is a meeting of the child with the outside world, time of acquaintances, determination of position in society, self-affirmation.

Anxiety, negative experiences of parents only hinder the child. It requires a competent adaptation, friendly reviews about changes in the child’s life, an expression of support, understanding. It is necessary to communicate benevolently with the tutor (teacher), with the community of moms.

5. Care for peers-friends

There comes a time when the child moves away from mother to peers. Tightening control or becoming your own in their company is not an option.

It is necessary to behave calmly, naturally. Create rules, but give the child some freedom. We will have to do everything to maintain a trusting relationship, to teach ourselves how to solve problems, to experience failures.

6. First relationships – first love

Growing emotions sooner or later turn into love.

The reluctance to share the love of the child, the awkwardness of the situation should not stop from discussing the sexual side of relationships, contraception, hygiene rules. It is important to maintain contact with the child, not to overly dramatize, not to interfere excessively.

7. The first independent rest

Rest with parents at some point, the child will exchange for rest with friends, the second half. It seems that he does not need his parents at all, there are many fears.

Independent rest is allowed to dosed out (weekend, week, etc.). But parents should always know where the child is and with whom.

8. Leaving home

For a child, this is the beginning of his own life, for parents, the end of a joint life.

It is easier to survive the care of the child, if you find new meanings in life, more actively engage in personal life. And communication with the child should be transferred to the level of communication with an adult without forcing and charges.

Do you have your own decisions, how to survive parting with a child at any of the stages? Tell me in the comments.

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