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Multiplication table: how to learn it with a child?

The multiplication table is memorized either mechanically or emotionally, figuratively. The result will be higher if you approach its study in a complex, based on the advice of teachers.

one. Ask the child to draw the multiplication table. It is better if it is in bright, colorful colors. No need to copy a table, print, etc.

2 To immediately facilitate the task for the child, explain to him what values ​​the bars with multiplication by 1 and 10 will have.

3 Now you can begin to study the column multiplied by 2. Explain that for the result, it is enough to add it to the number.

four. Then jump a little and teach multiplication by 5. The result will have the last digit 5, if we multiply by an odd number, and multiplying by an even number will result from 0 at the end.

five. Rhyme will help to learn the multiplication of the number on itself (multiplication diagonally). But this does not apply to 7 – note the child that the result will be 49, not 47.

6 Multiplication by 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9 can be memorized mechanically, or you can create a rhyme, solve examples on cards, use beads, compose a story, or draw a chain to the answer (the child himself must draw).

7 The multiplication table requires many repetitions. But it is better to repeat not by columns, but by separate examples of multiplication by different numbers. Also invent a child for a walk, on the road simple plot tasks with multiplication.

And how do you propose to learn the multiplication table? Tell in the comments.

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