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Learning poetry with a child: ways to memorize

Learning Poems with a Child (photo: Fotolia)

Approved by experts and time 4 ways will give you the opportunity to choose how to teach poetry with a child. Take into account the individual characteristics of the child and the level of results in one way or another.

1. Learning verses in aural way.

This method is most often used in the study of poetry. It is ideal for children with audio (sound) memory.

  1. You read the poem, and first ask the child to turn on his “tape recorder” for recording.
  2. Then together repeat some passage – choose 2-3 lines, which will be combined by rhyme. A child will have a rhetoric speech support for rhyme.
  3. After the child himself speaks out.
  4. Then you pronounce this passage.

2. We learn poems in a visual way.

Of course, the study of poetry in this way is suitable for children with visual memory.

The visual way is to use the picture plan. He should be in front of the child when reading a poem.

  1. Give the child a mindset: “Now let’s start learning the poem. You remember, and I will help you in this. “
  2. Read a poem on line 1 and in front of your child make a brief, understandable sketch of the read. Each line in the pictures should be separated by a vertical bar. If the child is already reading, you can sign reference words to the pictures.
  3. Already on the created drawing plan reproduce the poem several times.
  4. Remove the pictures and read the poem again.
  5. After the child let him try to play himself.

3. We learn poems in a logical way.

Logical memory – a rarity for a child of preschool age, and even for primary school age. But it still happens. It uses the memorization support for semantic links. If you develop such a memory, the child will be easier to give all the training.

  1. After the first acquaintance with the poem, we read the first lines again. We stop and ask the child in your own words to tell what happened next.
  2. At a certain point, stop the child and read another line. And again ask him to continue the story of the poem.
  3. Then read 1 quatrain. Ask the child to reproduce as accurately as possible what the author (the author’s words) said about the event, the phenomenon.

4. We learn poetry in the motor way.

Motor method is more suitable for kinesthetic children. It is important for them to combine memorization and motor act.

  1. We take a thick thread or a string with beads. And at first you yourself read the poem rhythmically, and the child rhythmically winds the thread on the finger as if on an imaginary “memory coil” (winds into a ball) or strung beads on a string.
  2. Then you play a poem together along the line, combining it with rhythmic winding (stringing) and unwinding.
  3. Then we hide the handles with the thread behind the back. And we reproduce the poem, and we wind the thread or string the beads for fun.

And what way helps to teach poems to your child? Tell in the comments.

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