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Ex-soloist Spice Girls Jerry Holliwell is pregnant with her second child

Red-haired peppercorn Jerry Holliuel is waiting for the second baby, which she herself told the fans on her Instagram page.

44-year-old singer, former colleague of Victoria Beckham on stage Jerry Holliuel laid out a funny graphic illustration and wrote that she would soon become the mother of another baby.

Therealgerihalliwell God bless Mother Nature #mamaspice ??

Judging by the size of Jerry’s belly, she is already at a considerable gestational age, it seems that this is the second trimester. Recently, the ex-peppercorn with her husband visited a social event – the presentation of the Attitude Awards. Jerry Hollieuele wore a blue fitting dress with a deep neckline for the event, which was emphasized by a well-marked tummy. Singer received an award in the nomination “International Song of the Year”

Recall, Jeri Hallywell brings up the 10-year-old daughter Bluebell-Madonna, who was born after a fleeting and extremely short romance (2 months) with screenwriter Sasha Gervasi, who does not take any part in bringing up the girl. So, at least, claim foreign tabloids. The mom’s friends, Victoria Beckham and Emma Bunton, became friends with Little Bluebell.

Last May, Jerry Halliwell married the head of the Formula 1 team Red Bull Racing Christian Horner. This baby will be the first joint child of Jerry Holliuel and Christian Horner. Gender of the child is not reported.

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