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Toys monsters, toys, vampires assessed by psychologists

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Modern cartoons and children’s films have made every effort to make monster toys, vampire toys, dead dolls become especially popular among children. Manufacturers, toy stores are also happy to try, offering a wide range. But what do child psychologists say about such an unusual demand of young buyers?

Experts confirm that children’s interest in such a toy is warmed up by a children’s video, which is not limited to parents. The youngest children do not understand too deeply how the toy belongs to the theme of death, as in this topic by itself. But the anxiety of psychologists is caused by the psyche of older children.

Many years ago it was proved that a demonstration is the best way to influence a child. In addition, you need to remember about the identity of the child with your favorite characters. The behavior of the favorite characters of children, especially the toy characters will be the basis for building the behavior of the child. What kind of sympathy can we talk about if these are monster toys, vampire toys, etc.?

In addition, it is the “deadly” toys that are of particular concern to scientists and become the reason for scientific discussions. There are fears that the toys of this world and the increased rates of suicidal behavior of children are somehow interconnected. Perhaps they help to form a different meaning of death. Determining will be the games themselves with monsters, vampires – the way the child plays them.

Psychologists do not completely prohibit the purchase of such toys. But it is important to simultaneously offer the child positive, beautiful toys. It is also worth spending more time with the child to find out the real reason for his interest in such toys. And you shouldn’t worry if the child is fascinated with such a toy just as a novelty or as a popular thing among “all” of his friends.

Does your child love monster toys, vampire toys? Tell in the comments.

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