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Tolokara, walkers, wheelchairs, toys for the first steps

Baby walkers are rarely included in the list of mandatory purchases when you expect a baby to appear. However, many young parents decide on their acquisition.

Some parents are against such toy helpers, considering that this device fixes the unnatural position of the foot and delays the moment when the child can walk himself. But if you choose the correct and safe construction, the baby will have no problems with gait.

We offer you the top 7 toy helpers for the first steps of your baby.

Walkers BabyHit Emotion Zoo

Baby walkers – develop coordination of movements and teach the child to keep balance. Rigid anatomical backrest provides proper support for the baby’s spine. It will be easy for a baby to travel in any direction, avoiding difficult obstacles.

Source: Kapitoshik; BabyHit Emotion Zoo, price 1226 UAH

Walkers musical Keenway

These walkers will help the little fidget to learn how to walk independently, and the music game center will also entertain with entertaining educational games. The game panel is located almost vertically and does not interfere with the crumbs legs, which reduces the possibility of injury during movement.

Source: Pampik; Walkers musical Keenway, price 1329 UAH

Musical Walker Wheelchair Playgro Puppy

A puppy is a multifunctional toy, you can use it as a walker or just play with it. Balls can be played separately.

Source: Planettoys, musical walkers, wheelchair Playgro Puppy, 1017 UAH

A toy for skating Chicco Happy Shopping First Steps

This is a unique game center that helps a child to make his first confident steps and at the same time learn words in English. The toy resembles a shopping basket from a supermarket. While playing, a child presents a shopping trip, scans goods and puts them in a trolley.

Riding Toy Chicco Happy Shopping First Steps

Tolokar Ocie magic car

The toy is suitable for playing in the house, and on the street. Just moving the legs on the floor the baby will move on the tolokar, while developing coordination of movements. The machine is equipped with a comfortable seat with backrest, buttons on the steering wheel are placed to activate sound signals.

Source: Pampik; tolokar Ocie Magic Car, price 1615 UAH

Machine for riding a children’s Smoby Babble Go 2 in 1 with a removable handle

The unique wheelchair-transformer due to its versatility will grow with your baby. For children from 6 months, there is a special seat with seat belts. The ergonomic seat is designed taking into account the anatomical features of the baby. Younger children can carry in the machine parents, and older children can move independently, just pushing with their feet.

Source: Rozetka; machine for riding a children’s Smoby Babble Go 2 in 1 with a removable handle, price 2669 UAH

Bambi Walker Walker with Game Center

Walkers, wheelchair, you can roll, holding the support, and you can sit and ride, pushing with his feet. The child can put other toys and carry them. The toy is equipped with musical buttons, levers, telephone, twisting and ringing elements, flasher.

Source: F.ua; wheelchair Bambi with a gaming center, price 500 UAH

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