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Three stages of puberty girls

The development of a girl occurs somewhat earlier than the development of a boy; this is the reason why in middle school classes the majority of boys are shorter and, as a rule, remain children longer.

Belonging to a certain gender of the future baby is laid at the very beginning, of pregnancy. And initially the embryo has all the signs of a female individual, and then, in the presence of the chromosome, the carrier of which is the father, the primary male signs appear and the further development of such a fetus is of the male type.

If two X chromosomes are connected – one is mother’s, and the other is father’s, the development of the girl continues. Until the brain sends certain signals to the genitals, the figures of the boy and girl are almost the same.

A girl in headphones listens to music (photo: Burda Media)

First stage. Estrogen production

Little princess begins to change as early as 8-10 years. Ovaries, in response to signals from the brain begin their work on the development of sex hormones. The first signs of restructuring of the girl’s body are manifested by a change in her figure, secondary sexual signs appear – she begins to feel hardened and slightly sore in the area of ​​the mammary glands, the volume of hip bones increases, buttocks are rounded.

At about 11 years old, the first pubic hair grows in most girls, their breasts take on quite clear outlines, this condition is called “bud stage”.

Teenager girl (Photo by Burda)

Second phase. Menarche

With an increase in the production of estrogen, internal changes of the genital organs also occur – the vaginal epithelium thickens and becomes thicker, the cells of its upper layer separate, and transparent mucous secretions appear – teenage whites.

At the age of 11-13 years in the ovaries begins the process of maturation of the follicles, approximately 2 years after the first signs appear, the first mature follicle sets off along the fallopian tubes in the direction of the uterus and the girl has her first menstruation, which has its own name – menarche.

As a rule, the first two years the cycle is extremely irregular, moreover, gynecologists claim that in the first two years ovulation does not occur in all cycles, but the frequency of its occurrence gradually increases. Thus, after about 2 years the menstrual cycle should become regular.

Teenager. Photo – Fotolia

The third stage. Girl becomes a girl

The period of puberty has received the name puberty, psychologically it is for this difficult period of the restructuring of the body that a complex psychological crisis of adolescence falls out.

The girl becomes a girl, her body shape and plastic changes, the development of secondary sexual characteristics continues – body hair growth in the armpits, and under the influence of an excess of hormones, youthful acne can appear. Fat deposits are distributed by the female type – mainly on the hips, buttocks, shoulders, in the area of ​​the mammary glands.

As a rule, by the age of 16-17 years, the ripening period ends, a regular ovulation cycle is established, growth slows down – the figure acquires feminine outlines.

Maturation of boys occurs a little later – it starts at 12-13 years old and ends by 17-18.

The development of the girl is influenced by many factors – from hereditary, to the quality of nutrition and the weight of the child at the time of puberty. According to statistics, vegan girls start to grow up a little later than their peers, who use animal proteins.

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