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Scientists: boys are no less emotional than girls

Boy and Girl (Photo: Burda Media)

Scientists from Brigham University have found that boys are no less sensitive and sentimental in nature than girls.

Experts investigated such an indicator as attachment to relatives in boys. Many people believe that boys are less attached to their relatives and do not have such a strong emotional contact with family members, unlike girls. But it turned out that the boys are tied to their fellows just like girls.

Experts observed the behavior of adolescents for three years, paying, first of all, attention to the degree of trust between brothers and sisters, relationships with friends.

Scientists noted that trusting relationships between brothers and sisters developed sympathy and altruism in them, unlike boys, who were in alienated relations with their brethren.

Therefore, psychologists recommend that parents make every effort to ensure that between their children have a warm relationship, and most importantly – friendly communication. And then in adolescence they will not have problems with behavior and social adaptation in society.

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