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Photos of girls with recalcitrant hair subdued network

The mother of two-year-old Phoebe Braswell is constantly accused of the fact that her baby is too unkempt. And all because of the fact that the girl’s hair is always matted and stand up. It turned out that the matter was not at all in the inaccuracy of the mother.

A girl from South Carolina (USA) was born with a rare genetic defect that changes the shape and properties of hair follicles.

Parents of the girl, nurse Jamie Broswell and fireman Joey Kupel, drew attention to the unusual hairstyle of her daughter when she was only 3 months old, but since then the situation has only worsened. Little Phoebe was taken to the doctor more than once, but she turned out to be an absolutely healthy child. After examining all the available literature, Jamie Broswell realized that her daughter had an extremely rare syndrome that had only occurred about 100 times since its discovery. It is called “Uncombable Hair Syndrome”, translated as “Unruly Hair Syndrome” or “Matted Hair Syndrome”. Today, the syndrome is still not well understood, but it is not considered a disease, but it manifests itself with a genetic abnormality that deforms the hair follicles and changes their properties.

In principle, her hairstyle does not deliver any inconvenience to the girl, but the mother is still trying to pacify the recalcitrant hairs of the baby. Since it is almost impossible to comb them – the hair has a tangled appearance and grows perpendicular to the surface of the head, like thin wires, Jamie is looking for all the new tools that would at least somehow straighten and slightly lay them down. While no effect, even the most minimal mom has not achieved.

Mom worries about what will happen to the girl when she grows up and wants to look like all teenagers or young girls. In addition, Jamie Broswell faces the discreetness of strangers who consider it necessary to make her remarks, accusing that her girl looks untidy, allegedly her mother does not follow her daughter’s hair. People with uncombed hair syndrome, of whom there are about 100 people worldwide, have very dry and very curly blond hair, which is almost impossible to comb and place. In this syndrome, the cross-sectional shape of the hair shaft has an abnormal triangular shape (instead of round), and along the stem the groove stretches along the entire length.

Phoebe Jr., the second child in the family of 27-year-old Jamie Broswell and 30-year-old Joey Kupela. Her older sister has long blond and perfectly smooth hair, which her mother braids in pigtails and tails. Phoebe’s favorite toy was the little trolls, whose hairstyle is very similar to her own.

Source: YouTube by SWNS TV

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