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Photo session of the girl and her brother Tireks touched the network

A series of incredible photos where a 5-year-old girl plays with with her brother, dressed in a very realistic dinosaur costume, is not just a photo shoot. This is a salvation for the boy and his mother.

Unexpected footage of something incredible happening – an orange dinosaur running around the field, catching up with a girl, was published online by American Samantha Bishop. The woman also told the background of this photo shoot, which explained everything.

The boy is diagnosed with autism, he has great difficulties in communicating, but he has a real friend – his cousin 5-year-old Lola.

They have been inseparable for many years. Lola loves him unconditionally, and it’s so touching, just the way I want everyone to love him. They both always liked to change clothes, but Levi especially. Every time he sees a new character in a movie or book, he creates a new costume. From ghostbusters, police officers, chefs and lawyers. If he is not in some image, he can almost always be found in a suit and tie.

Currently, Levi is passionate about dinosaurs and Samantha has acquired Tirex costume for her son. Since she has been seriously engaged in photography lately – Samantha cannot go to work every day, since she has to spend a lot of time with her son, and the idea of ​​a photo shoot has arisen

This is Levi in ​​his element. There are no forced smiles, no bribe, no need to portray happiness. This is a wonderful, cheerful, sympathetic boy, whom fate gave me. Because of his special needs, he has a photographic memory, he is as smart as other children, he can build anything, and he is cheerful and radiant. And so I decided not to hide his “features”, but to teach him to use them in his own interests, and not to see them as an obstacle.

Samantha gave birth to a son, being herself a child – only 18 years old. When the boy was only 6 months old, the girl left his father, having neither work nor means of subsistence. Many had to experience a lonely mother with a tiny baby in her arms, but she managed and won.

However, the tests did not end there – in the kindergarten, and then in the school, Samantha constantly pointed out that her boy was not like the others. She herself noticed that Levi was not a simple child, and soon he was diagnosed with autism.

I failed as a mother. I spent so much energy to resent what the doctors told me that I never stopped loving a brilliant, cheerful little man who was in front of me. And so it was just necessary for me to show how amazing he was, to show Leo as I knew him. And this is a photograph.

But the problem was that Leo doesn’t like to be photographed, because Tirex’s costume turned out to be just a godsend for everyone.

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