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Kefir or yogurt – which is healthier

Both of these drinks, made from fermented milk, are extremely beneficial for children and adults. However, they have fundamental differences, by virtue of which the effects on the body are somewhat different.

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Each of these drinks has its own history of origin and distribution throughout the world.

North Ossetia is considered the birthplace of kefir, where there are many legends about the origin of kefir starter. One of them says that the first white grains of kefir fungus were transmitted in ancient times to the highlanders by the prophet Muhammad himself. So it is or not, but the harsh inhabitants of the Caucasus kept the recipe for the preparation of the drink, which was first presented to the scientific community in a report to the medical community in 1876, in the strictest secret.

Only in 1906, after a scandalous story about the abduction of a Russian girl Irina Sakharova, who was sent to Karachay to get a fungus, was the leaven first removed from the Caucasus. When the abduction case went to court, Irina asked her offender for a secret kefir starter as moral damages, and after receiving it, she brought them to Russia.

Nowadays kefir is produced in many countries of the world, but so far for real kefir they use only live sourdough, derived from the very fungi that Irina once brought.

The homeland of this drink is hot Turkey, the name itself – yogurt, translated from Turkish means “condensed”. The nomadic tribes, traveling on hot expanses, carried leather skins filled with milk on the backs of their horses to quench their thirst and hunger. Bacteria present on the inside of the skins, mixing with milk souring in the heat, turned it into a wonderful life-giving drink, which did not spoil for a long time.

For the first time, the drink came to Europe thanks to the doctor of the French king Louis XI, and for many years it was sold in pharmacies as a medicine. As a drink, yogurt was introduced in Europe at the beginning of the 20th century, thanks to the marketing strategy of one of the food companies.

What is the difference between kefir and yogurt

Kefir fungus , thanks to which ordinary milk turns into a useful product, it is a symbiosis of many fermented milk bacteria, among which are lactobacilli, bifidobacteria, streptococci, etc., as well as yeast fungi. Fermentation of milk occurs in a double way – it is fermented milk and alcoholic fermentation. One-day kefir may contain about 0.06% ethyl alcohol and the longer the drink is stored, the higher the percentage of alcohol in it.

Sourdough for yogurt It has not such a complex composition, it has only two types of bacteria – thermophilic streptococcus and Bulgarian bacillus (Lactobacillus bulgaricus), so named after the country in which it was first described. In Bulgaria, the culture of yogurt is widespread at the national level, there is even a legend that it was the ancient Bulgarians who were the first to start preparing yogurt from sheep milk. Since no yeast is involved in the fermentation process, there is no alcohol in yogurt

Impact on the gastrointestinal tract kefir and yogurt

Kefir , due to the diversity of living bacteria, not only contributes to the normal existence and functioning of the native bacteria of the gastrointestinal tract, but also helps to get rid of pathogens. In addition, if the microflora of the intestine or stomach for some reason has suffered, the bacteria of kefir fungus can replace the dead by themselves. Stabilization of microflora and exposure to yeast leads to normal and maintains the state of the gastrointestinal tract

Yogurt helps to clean the gastrointestinal tract from pathogenic and harmful microorganisms, is food for the intestinal microflora, thus contributing to the normal functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. Unlike kefir, bacteria from yoghurt do not settle in the intestine, leave it, taking with them harmful microbes.

Thus, it is difficult to say what is more useful. Perhaps worth drinking and kefir and yogurt.

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