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Kanye West read rap for a dying girl – to tears

Brutal rapper and gentle father of two kids Kanye West responded to the request of the parents of a girl with cancer.

Source: instagram @kimkardashian

This sad and touching story happened in the first days of January of the year. And the most surprising thing is that they did not turn her into another PR company, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, moreover, they wanted to keep it secret.

Parents of a little girl who fought an incurable disease, really wanted to fulfill her dream – to see their idol, rapper Kanye West. Long and unsuccessfully, they tried to contact the artist, but finally they succeeded. Hearing about the desire of his little fan, a 40-year-old brawler (this is exactly the image of Kanye West), he immediately agreed and already on January 3 from the screen of the smartphone through the FaceTime messenger talked to a teenager girl. After a short conversation, the girl asked her idol to perform her favorite song “I Love Kanye”, of course. Kanye fulfilled her request.

Photos from the phone, when the parents of a little fan negotiate with Kanye West were in the hands of the journalist tabloid TMZ

For the first time a girl reported on Twitter under the nickname debbie reported about the incident. She responded to the frivolous Tweet of the girl: “Kanye West’s wealth, health and new music are all I want in a year,” describing the story:

I mean it was a couple of days ago rap for her. I think Kim was there too. Wasn’t even blasted on social media or anything. She passed yesterday. I have so much to do. Making her happy in her last moments.

A girl from my town was sick with cancer, and Kanye West called her a couple of days ago to talk and read rap. I think Kim was with them. Nobody even wrote about this even in social networks or where else. She died yesterday. I respect him very much – he made her happy in the last moments of life.

According to #debbie, the girl died the same day, several hours after the Kanye West song.

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