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Is the father of a girl or a boy a more generous boss?

A previous study showed that a boss with children pays lower wages to his employees in order to save resources for his family. But a more detailed new study showed that this is not characteristic of all fathers. Under this rule only the fathers of the boys approached. But if your boss is a girl’s father, then you can hope for the opposite behavior.

It turns out that daughters, regardless of age, are discovered in men as a caring and more generous person. And scientists proved that the father of the daughter as the boss pays a higher salary to his employee. In addition, fathers, combing hair to their daughters and playing with them in dolls, become kinder and more sympathetic to others, show empathy. It is also interesting that another recent study showed that fathers of daughters more often vote more liberally.

Psychologist Paul Van Lange from Amsterdam conducted another new study on generosity. He and his colleagues developed a special game. 600 people had to make a choice: to share or not any amount of money with someone whom they will never meet again. 40% of those who gave money, had sisters, unlike those who made a more selfish choice. Scientists believe that the more sensitive behavior of the sisters greatly affects their brothers.

So, if your boss is the daughter’s father, or at least he has a sister, you can safely ask him for a salary increase.

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