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Girls and boys: differences in development

With the spread of the idea of ​​emancipation, which stands for gender equality, we began to forget that nature created men and women different and these differences manifest themselves on a physiological level from an early age.

Brain development

The girl more actively develops the left hemisphere of the brain, responsible for speech, concentration on details, individual objects. On average, girls begin to pronounce the first words a little before the boys, and the gap can be quite impressive – up to 4-6 months. Previously, girls are gaining vocabulary and making phrases from words; in the future, girls are more prone to voicing their thoughts and feelings.

Have boys the right hemisphere is developing more actively, and although speech develops later, figurative and spatial thinking manifests itself more quickly and to a greater extent. It is believed that testosterone initially inhibits the development of the left hemisphere.

In the right half of the brain in boys, a greater number of neural connections are formed, which explains why men tend to be better oriented in space. Among boys, left-handers are several times more likely than girls. By the age of 2.5-3 years, most boys and girls have approximately the same speech skills and vocabulary, that is, some differences are smoothed out.

Such differences in the rate of development of the hemispheres in boys and girls persist until about 11-12 years of age, but puberty also has different manifestations in boys and girls.

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Girls – dolls, boys – cars

That girls prefer to play with dolls and soft toys, and boys with cars and other equipment, is happening not only because adults initially surround them with appropriate toys. The fact is that girls prefer games with fixed objects, while they are better able to describe the very essence of their toys, while boys with great pleasure play objects that move and sound, and describe their location in space.

Another feature – boys for normal development requires more space, they master all the areas that are available to them, running, jumping, running balls and cars. If the boy doesn’t have enough space, he will strive to increase it with vertical surfaces.

Girls are usually quite small area for the game, where you can expand their dolls, rags, tableware.

Social skills

Girls prone to verbal communication, and in conversations dominated storylines and a description of emotions that they understand much better. Conversations for girly relations are the basis and are not rarely perceived as the essence of friendship. When contacting try to maintain eye contact, and often tactile. On friendly terms, girls tend to empathy and value frankness, but social inequality can be a serious impediment to friendship.

The boys words give less meaning, their relations are shaped by common interests, and social inequality is rarely a hindrance. When communicating, boys, as a rule, avoid prolonged eye contact, and expressing emotions and talking off-topic is considered unnecessary.

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Even before the onset of puberty, there is a noticeable difference in the methods of attracting attention to oneself of the opposite sex. From an early age, girls are trained to use coquetry, even if they do not see an example of such behavior.

Boys prefer to demonstrate to the object of attention their dexterity, strength. From here unsuccessful, from the point of view of adults, attempts to attract the attention of the girl, pulling her braids.

Puberty, which is characterized by a change in the hormonal background of the child and emotional instability, in girls is most often manifested in increased tearfulness and moods. Boys suffer, usually silently, but the emotional storm inside a growing man is much stronger. The sad statistic says that teenage boys are harder to bear unrequited love, their own imperfection and are more prone to suicide.

This, of course, is far from all gender differences that have a physiological basis; however, it is worth considering that boys and girls should be brought up in several different ways.

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