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Top 7 reasons to do Vumbilding before conception and after childbirth

Are you planning a pregnancy or have recently given birth? Training intimate muscles will help restore the structure of the vagina after childbirth, prepare the muscles for successful delivery

Vumbilding is a fitness for strengthening and developing intimate muscles. Special exercises can also train the abdominal muscles, buttocks, inner thighs. Constant training of intimate muscles allows you to gain skills in managing them during sex to achieve orgasm, allows you to prepare muscles for pregnancy and childbirth, to prevent various female diseases

Kegel and Vumbilding Exercises

Vumbildery (from the abbreviation VUM – vaginal muscles), armed with jade eggs and rods, pneumatic and laser simulators for causal places, go to the forefront of sexual experiments. In their opinion, the highest quality and regular Kegel exercises will be able to use only a third of the vagina, the so-called middle and upper passive zones have practically no chance to get involved in the work.

While an individual course in vumbildingu will wake up these zones in a matter of weeks. Vumbilding is much more difficult to practice independently. You need at least a few professional lessons from the coach and a great desire to achieve results. And, of course, the acquisition of an expensive device for the dull workouts.
But what even the vum-gurus agree on is the home practice with vaginal balls. This goodness is a dime a dozen in any sex shop, and it is not difficult at least to try their action in the process of passing the above described exercises for compression and contraction. They say that the trained muscles of the vagina are able to roll the vaginal balls up and down and side to side, even tapping them on demand! Particularly sexy fitness lovers flaunt with balls around the house day and night, while doing the usual things. Some manage to go shopping and even to work with a sex machine at the ready.

In favor of vumbilding

There are at least 7 reasons to definitely engage in training intimate muscles:
• recovery: improvement of blood circulation in the small pelvis, prevention of female diseases;
• addressing the issue of vaginal stretch after childbirth and the prevention of gaps in future deliveries, the preparation of muscles for stretching and correct attempts;
• prevention of male impotence: the elastic muscles of the vagina hold in the tone of the most tired man, in the arms of an intimately trained partner, the man has every chance of becoming a sexual long-liver;
• stimulation of the hormonal background of the body (its support at the young level, delay in menopause);
• maintaining a healthy vaginal microflora, increasing local immunity;

• practical fluid level appeal. The development of intimate muscles stimulates the production of pheromones – volatile substances that attract the opposite sex;
• sexual self-improvement! Improving the quality of your sex life, your partner. 100% achievement of orgasm.

Important: Intimate training can not be done during pregnancy, acute inflammatory processes, the omission of the uterus. Improve sexual qualifications can be in 2-3 months after childbirth.

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