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Sex after childbirth: 6 honest facts

Many women are frightened by the thought of what will be sex after giving birth. We hasten to reassure you – after restoring your sex life will be the same as it was before birth, and maybe even better!

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We offer you to learn some amazing facts about sex after giving birth.

Fact 1. It may not be as good at first as before.

Even if the birth was normal, the level of hormones after birth varies, which can cause some complications and affect the elasticity of the vaginal tissues. Estrogen levels drop immediately after delivery and remain low during breastfeeding.

When a woman breastfeeds, especially at the beginning, a decrease in estrogen in combination with high levels of prolactin and oxytocin can mimic menopause for the first two to three months, says Dr. Rebecca Booth, a gynecologist from Louisville, Kentucky.

When hormone levels return to normal, night sweats, vaginal dryness and pain will pass.

Fact 2. There is a good reason why you are not up to sex.

Lack of sleep, changing relationships between you and your partner, some problems with the figure, do not always create the right mood. If you are breastfeeding, even Mother Nature works against you.

A nursing woman produces oxytocin, a hormone that causes love for a child, but suppresses your libido, experts say.

Fact 3. Sex is now even more important than before.

Sex is important for your relationship with a partner, because his absence can lead to a feeling of distance from each other.

If there is no physical intimacy or if it is really limited, couples begin to feel like roommates, which is not very good for family relationships. Feeling distant can be offensive, says Amy Levine, a sex expert from New York.

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Fact 4. Spontaneous sex is your best friend.

Romance is important, but now, your best friend may be spontaneous sex, without candles and champagne, but in an unexpected place, for example, in the bathroom, dressing room or even the hallway!

Fact 5. Sex after dinner can also be amazing.

Often in the evening you are very tired and have no energy left for sex. Use any opportunity to do it during the day, for example, when the nanny went for a walk with the baby or when the baby fell asleep after a day’s feeding.

Fact 6. Sex after childbirth may be even better than you think.

Many women say that their attitude towards sex has changed since the birth of a child. Childbirth changes the sensitivity of the genitals and women who have not experienced an orgasm before begin to enjoy sex.

Give yourself time to recover from childbirth, and your sex life will definitely renew and sparkle with new colors! Getting used to the new role of the mother, do not forget about the role of a woman.

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