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Partnership births: myth and reality

Partner childbirth practiced in our country for quite some time. And still, there is still the opinion that there is no need for the pope to be in childbirth: he only interferes. Is it so? This question is answered by Kira Zaiko, a psychologist.

Partnership labor does not attract all women. And each couple for this – their own reasons.

Why partner labor does not attract everyone

Some women do not want their husband to see them during childbirth – they are afraid to appear unattractive. Others do not see this as a rational grain: just get underfoot? Still others fear that the fragile male psyche will not withstand what they see and the doctors will be forced to work with the father and not the mother.


Yes, and many men believe that to attend the mystery of birth, they need nothing, this is a woman’s business. However, there are at least two reasons why it is worth deciding on a partnership childbirth.

Why do I need a dad at birth

Nevertheless, joint births have benefits that cannot be ignored. They are:

  • During labor, a woman needs help and support more than ever. And no one can give a better loving husband.
  • A close relationship between parents and child is established in the first minutes after the appearance of the baby. The faces, smells, sounds of the voices of the parents are calming signals for the baby. He understands: In this terrible cold world, there is order and love.

More information about the child’s health this winter can be found HERE.

Real Life Case

While traveling, we met a family in which a baby was about to appear. Husband was strongly opposed to partner childbirth. Two weeks later, he called us and thanked him for dissuading him. He was happy to be the first to take his son in his arms, saying that his perception of life immediately changed.

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