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Meeting # Mamaklub Births on – great! passed on August 27!

On August 27, future moms and dads gathered in the cozy Masha Keik restaurant and pastry shop to chat with the best Ukrainian specialists and ask their concerns on the eve of the most important event in the family life – the birth of a child. Our speakers told how to ensure that the birth went perfectly, and the crumb and parents felt great!

It’s great that the traditional meetings of #mamaklub from My Child magazine are collecting more and more happy couples! This time, the fathers actively asked questions and took an active part in the discussion of all issues relating to pregnancy, childbirth and the first days of life with the baby. And how touchingly they supported their beautiful wives!

In the restaurant Masha Kake, we are always cozy, comfortable and very tasty! Coffee with milk, tea, delicious cookies, and, of course, water Malyatko, juice and baby puree from the company Econia – partner # mamakluba.

Natalya Yevtushenko – obstetrician-gynecologist of the clinic Verum told about the most important stages of preparation for childbirth and what is important to do after.

Natalia paid special attention to the story about sex during pregnancy and after childbirth. Moms also learned why it is necessary to take the temperature, returning from the maternity hospital to their own walls, when it is necessary for the gynecologist to appear and at what ailments mom will definitely need to see a doctor.

The main idea that you need to be very attentive to your own health and not to neglect the visit to the doctor was conveyed with so many examples and evidence that now we are calm for mommies!

Lydia Babich is a neonatologist pediatrician at the No. 1 maternity hospital in Kiev – now she is also a young mother. Therefore, her story about the fact that the most important thing for a baby after birth was not only instructive, but also very emotional, directly piercing. Lydia told how important it is to let the umbilical cord pulse, explained why umbilical cord blood is so necessary for the baby and enlightened future moms and dads about the prescription of vitamin K to newborns. So now we agree in advance that we do not immediately cut the umbilical cord, but we agree to vitamin K.

Natalya Movchan always impresses with her ability to give not only information, but also mood. And do not cease to wonder how she knows how to endear future mummies, who see her for the first time in her life. She spoke with our guests about fears, and they shared their secrets and understood why, why they were afraid, looked at their feelings as if from the side and with different eyes.

At the end of our meeting, Natalya Movchan taught moms and dads to talk with a little man who is still in the tummy, but already feels and understands so much! Already ready to chat!

It was unforgettable! When at the end of the practice moms opened their eyes, those eyes were different! The popes, by the way, also transformed themselves by conveying the messages of love and words of support to their heirs.

In general, everything ended not only with applause, but also with tears of joy, words of gratitude and promise to come to # mamakluba from My child again and again! And we are just happy!

We are happy to give presents from Econia to all-all-all! And many more pleasant surprises from our partners received the lucky ones.

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