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How to prepare for partner childbirth: advice from a psychologist and a gynecologist

About ten years ago, few people decided to give birth to partnerships, five years ago this became the norm, and now the absence of a man in childbirth in most cases raises the question: And why ?. What has changed over a relatively short period of time? Medicine, men. women? We are looking for the answer to all questions about childbirth with her husband from the most immediate participants in the events – doctors, fathers and mothers.

Partnership deliveries from the point of view of our consultant, obstetrician-gynecologist Sergey Baksheev can be divided into two parts. The first part is purely psychological and most often and hotly debated. How will the husband feel after childbirth, what will be the relationship after participating in a purely female business – childbirth men? How will a man treat a child whom he took in his arms in the first minutes of his life? Answers to all these questions must be sought in the process of preparing for childbirth.

Will partnership birth change the relationship between spouses?

The opinion of psychologists about whether the relationship between spouses after partnership childbirth is unequivocal: if the decision to give birth to a husband was absolutely voluntary on both sides, then the relationship between a man and a woman would only get stronger. If there is a trustful and tender relationship between a husband and wife, then the help of her husband in labor will be very appropriate. After all, a woman in the period of contractions and attempts needs a lot of support and who, if she is not loved, can render it?

Another thing is the manipulation of partner childbirth, as an instrument of pressure on a man or, which also sometimes happens, on a woman. All people are different and not everyone can or want to see the process of childbirth. And that’s fine. And in no case should not be regarded by the woman as evidence of insufficient love for her husband, and from the man – as distrust of him, disbelief in his psychological stability, ability to be useful at the right moment.

Manipulation of partner childbirth – is unacceptable! And the relationship between the spouses can really change for the worse, if someone had to make an effort, agreeing to it.

Do not persuade the spouse, if he strongly opposed. The benefits of this will not be the case if your husband is too impressionable. If the woman herself does not feel the need to take a spouse with her to give birth, then it should not be done only because it is so accepted. Joint births are not suitable for those women who are accustomed to always look perfect, because in birth it is impossible.

Partnership labor from the point of view of a gynecologist

From the point of view of Sergey Baksheev, childbirth and a man are quite compatible. Moreover, the usefulness of male participation in partner childbirth is explicable from a purely physiological point of view. If participation in the birth of a man was a mutual, voluntary, informed decision, then the presence of a loved one at childbirth soothes a woman, reduces the level of stress hormones in her body. And stress hormones are ardent opponents of easy childbirth. They spasm all the muscles, including those that work during childbirth, thus extending labor and increasing pain.

It is very good if the spouses undergo training courses for partner childbirth. The correct idea of ​​what will happen eliminates the main stress factor – uncertainty.

It should also be understood that the help of a spouse can be not only moral. The future dad can do an anesthetic massage, help his wife maintain a posture convenient for waiting out the contractions, remind of proper breathing during the contraction. Sometimes this is not required, it is enough that the future father wipes the sweat from the forehead of the woman and holds her hand.

Sometimes couples develop a plan of ideal birth, which they would like to adhere to. Spouses should certainly discuss the tactics developed by them with the doctor who will take delivery. In the future, the partner will be able to evaluate the actions of medical professionals and, together with his wife and doctor, decide on the need for a particular procedure.

Doctors may suggest that the pope independently cut the umbilical cord. And of course, it is he who will take the first pictures of a newborn baby.

A future dad may attend childbirth even if a cesarean section is planned. If the operation is performed under general anesthesia, and not with epidural anesthesia, the child will be laid out on his father’s belly. And this leaves an indelible mark on the man’s memory.

Is there sex after a partnership birth?

And one more important psychological aspect: about sex after partner childbirth. The theory that a husband loses attraction to his wife after being present in childbirth is associated with childbirth very little. Rather and more often it is connected with the life of a man and a woman after the birth of a child. And the first place here is occupied by fatigue and congestion of the mother, who is completely given to the little man. In this situation, it is quite normal that a man fades into the background, regrets and protects his wife, understanding her fatigue, does not try to show sexual interest.

Sex after childbirth, partnership, they do not, of course, change. This is due to anatomical changes, psychological changes of young parents. At the same time, there are a lot of women who say they feel stronger after giving birth, orgasm is brighter, and satisfaction more often.

Therefore, if changes in sexual relationships happen, you should not associate them with partner childbirth.

Partnership labor: what tests to take

Requirements for fathers who will attend partnership deliveries in private maternity hospitals and public clinics may vary greatly. A complete list of tests that may be required at the maternity hospital is as follows:

  • results of blood tests for HIV and syphilis (Wasserman test),
  • bakposev from the nose and pharynx (analysis is handed over to the local sanitary and epidemiological station),
  • fluorography over the past six months.

If you already know in which hospital your baby is born, be sure to specify which examinations you need to pass in advance.

Who is not suitable affiliate birth?

Partner childbirth is not suitable for everyone. If the couple is waiting for the first baby, then future parents often do not even know what childbirth is and how they flow. Despite the fact that many spouses attend special courses, the reality does not always meet our expectations.
Popes can be too emotional about what is happening and will be more likely to interfere with the staff than to help.

What to do if you want to enlist the support of your spouse? To negotiate with my husband how actively he will participate in childbirth.

Some decide to go out during the period of need and return only when the crumb is born. Others plan to be with his wife constantly. During childbirth, a woman may ask her husband to leave. It happens that a spouse who did not plan to be present during the attempts is so involved in the process that he changes his decision made beforehand. And such turns of events need to be ready for both men and women.

Remember: in no case should partner giving birth be a test of strength for the family. It is very important.

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