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How life is born – the best photos of genera from around the world

The results of the competition for the best photographs, which took part in the famous project Birth Becomes Her.

The international project Birth Becomes Her is devoted to the topic of childbirth, motherhood and breastfeeding. Photographers from around the world share extraordinary photos of the birth of a new life.

This year about 1000 photos from around the world took part in the competition. These were both home births, and births in hospitals and medical centers, there were photos of natural births and photos of births with the help of cesarean sections.

Nearly 20,000 photo fans, an international panel of judges, and simply viewers voted for the best images.

The photos that participated in the competition were divided into five categories: the birth process (contractions), childbirth, motherhood, postpartum and breastfeeding.

Photo artists managed to capture stunning images, lively emotions of mothers and their babies.

The absolute winner of the competition was a snapshot entitled First Meeting. Initially, a snapshot of the Belgian Marijka Toen, was blocked on social networks, as it was considered too frank.

The first place in the category of Childbirth received a picture of Selena Rollson from Australia called Almost Born.

First place in the category of breastfeeding received a picture, called Within Reach, made by an American, Cory Janiac.

In the category Immediately after childbirth, the winner was the photo After a Cesarean, from photographers of the Fox Valley Photography Agency, USA.

The winner in the Fights category was the photo of Rebecca Corsi, named Somewhere Out There.

Finally, in the Pregnancy category, the picture of the Goddess by Jen Conway was recognized as the best.

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