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Celebrities and their birth through cesarean section

Caesarean section (photo: Fotolia)

Many celebrities, despite good medical observation and training, experienced a cesarean section. Such genera are still perceived polarly. But the fact that they affect women in labor of various categories is only a reason to take them for granted. A successful restoration of celebrities after them is a good opportunity to tune in to the best.

Celebrities in this list were either only through a caesarean section, or experienced natural childbirth with the appearance of other children. So, did you know that the cesarean section on yourself suffered:

one. Gwen stephanie – Cesarean section with two children (Kingston and Zuma).

2 Victoria Beckham – A planned cesarean section helped her to give birth to three sons, and her plans for giving birth through a cesarean section to her daughter in 2011 are different.

3 Christina Aguilera – A planned cesarean section at 37 weeks due to fear of tears and surprises.

4. Britney Spears – Caesarean section survived twice (the second is planned, and nobody knows for sure about the first one).

five. Jennifer Lopez – It was recommended by doctors cesarean section helped her to give birth to the long-awaited twins.

6 Claudia Schiffer – Her third child appeared thanks to cesarean section.

7 Kate Winslet – the actress initially concealed that her caesarean section with the first child was an emergency, not a planned one. She was ashamed to admit that she could not give birth to herself.

eight. Angelina Jolie – its caesarean section with the birth of Shiloh was in Africa. She considers it a miracle, not a painful experience.

9. Pink – she planned natural childbirth, attended training courses for childbirth. But the pelvic presentation of the child and, as the singer herself says, her girl’s other plans forced Pink to agree to a Caesarean.

ten. Shakira – its caesarean section was held in Barcelona.

11. Gwyneth Paltrow – she agreed to a cesarean section with her second child after experiencing the first natural childbirth that lasted more than 70 hours.

12. Kate hudson – her caesarean section at the birth of Ryder was not planned in advance, but during the bouts the actress decided to choose this particular mode of delivery.

Have you had a caesarean section? Tell us about your experience in the comments.

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