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Amazing photo shoot during a transparent cesarean

When midwife Emily Deal found out she was pregnant, she decided to do 2 things: to give birth to her baby with the help of a transparent caesarean and to make a memorable photo session of her birth.

For a photo shoot, Emily invited her friend and photographer Sarah Hill. Since Emily herself works as a midwife, she managed to organize the entire delivery process in such a way as to be able to control it, thanks to a transparent caesarean section.

Long before the birth, Emily and her colleagues from the hospital planned the entire course of the operation.

Nurses, doctors, anesthesiologists were looking forward to who would be born, a boy or a girl, – says emily.

As soon as the transparent coating was installed, Mom put on gloves to be able to immediately take the child in her arms and then the doctor made the first incision.

It was an incredible feeling, I heard the head come out, then the whole body of the child came out, but I did not feel pain, – noted young mother.

As soon as the baby was taken out, the mother immediately showed him through the transparent cover. It was the most reverent moment – the first meeting of mother and crumbs.

Little Emma was born at 11 o’clock 17 minutes – a symbolic time for the family of Emily and Daniel, as their previous child, Grayson, who was also born with a caesarean, but did not survive, saw the light of the 17th.

The couple chose a caesarean section when Emily gave birth to their first child, because they knew the baby would be born with a congenital diaphragmatic hernia. Mom expected that after giving birth, she would not be separated from the baby, and Grayson would be able to recover, but the baby died.

Congenital diaphragmatic hernia – This is a disease in which the abdominal organs move (more often the stomach and intestines) through the slit in the diaphragm upwards and they squeeze the lungs and the heart.

With her birth, baby Emma managed to combine two things that her mother Emily Deal, the most precious thing – family and work.

Photographer Sarah Hill commented on this genus: It was one of the most incredible days in my life. My amazing midwife and girlfriend Emily Deal had a girl today! This was the most incredible Cesarean I had ever seen.

Emma’s father, Donald Dil, who also attended childbirth, said that it doesn’t matter how a baby is born – naturally or with a caesarean, the birth process is beautiful in itself.

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